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Two great Gaunty books!
Two great Gaunty books!
Two great Gaunty books!

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Mr stephen smith of wimbledon
Mr craig fawcett of pickering
bring him back shows not the same without him
Mr jim barker of luton
Mr les burke of northampton
this is wot gaunty fought for
Mr Neil Rich of Willenhall
bring back gaunty he is a true english man who speaks the truth
Mr Russell Cox of High Wycombe
Get Gaunty back ASAP. He is a true gentleman (having met him) and a great radio presenter
Mr Jason Hughes of Taunton
Dont let the bastards get you down gaunty!!
Mr James C of Newport Pagnell
Absolute joke, bring gaunty back now!
Mrs Marie Gard of France
Talksport is Jon Gaunt, not much point in listening without him
Mr Raymonde Woodman of Bracknell
Mr Jerry Dockery of Haverhill
FOR GODS SAKE STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!a good decent man gets sacked for saying something 48 anal retentive people dont agree with,yet 5 people who allowed Baby P to die are still in their well paid jobs!!!!
Mr martin schonewald of sunderland
Mr paul wright of newcastle upon tyne
lets make talk sport, GREAT TALK SPORT, not RUBBISH TALK SPORT
Mrs nicola schonewald of sunderland
Mr Thomas Sibbald of lowestoft
please can we have gaunty back on talk sport im a van driver and love talk sport but without gaunty its not as good. ian collins and anyone else just aint got it! please bring him back or i will no longer listen to talksport. i know im not the only person who feels this way!
Mr Colin Beadnell of london
Mr phil hall of manchester
How can you sack Gaunty for waht he said , after all the spin and crap we are fed everyday by politicians .
Mr darren goring of london
bring back gaunty as the mornings ain't the same.
Mr Ted Bovis of Chafford Hundred
I felt I knew him so well
Mr Joe Harvey of Liverpool
its a disgrace, i wont listen to talksport until they re-instate him!
Mr Mark Burgess of Braintree
Mr Ian Abrahams of Borehamwood
Unbelievable Gaunty, Amber, Skye and Mrs Moose hope that you will keep in touch. Don't forget call Collymore at ten tonight.
Mr desmond benjamin of London
Love his honesty & passion,plus great entertainment.
Mr paul lockey of leeds
gaunty is a legend . bring him back now .who else will stand up for our rights ?
Other jason silver of London
they who sacked gunty should be in prison for not letting free speech.
Mr Nick Blackman of Norwich
Bring back Gaunty now.
Miss Kate Bailey of windsor
Bring back the man who speaks up for the silent majority of us .Talk sport needs to listen to the listeners or they might not have many left.
Mr Peter Griffin of Rhode Island
I think Gaunty is freaking sweet. I can't believe he's got the chop. I see a lot of myself in this upright British chap. Gaunty for president.
Mr David Collins of Bristol
i support jon gaunt
Miss Angela Fraser of Glasgow
I can't understand why he's been sacked. I was listening to the show that day and Jon was just being himself.....he's the reason talksport is so popular!!! It's awful that he's lost his job because he called some one a Nazi!!!!! The PC world has gone crazy..which is omething that Jon was always against!!! We love you Jon
Mr Deryk Smith of Glasgow
This is really ridiculous. We got threats of terrorists wanting to bomb us, but you can't say "Nazi" Total PC police gone mad
Mr Richard Baker of Winchester
PC brigade strike again!! Bring back Jon, he's a breath of fresh air.
Mr david spence of icmeler/turkey
pc gone mad
Mr Norman Bright of Southend On Sea
Bring back Jon! He has said sorry. Everyone makes mistakes in life!
Mr robert eddy of bedlington
i only listened to talk sport because of gaunty, i put up enough boring sh*t from bbc and now talksport are going down the same road. don't care if ian wright is on, i'm off and go back to listen to FM crap instead, good bye talk (boring) sport
Mr Barry Chambers of Seaford
If I want to listen to bland crap I'll tune in to R4. Bring back Gaunty
Mrs Kathryn Smith of Swansea
Come on get Gaubty back where he belongs and asap.
Mr Nigel Smith of Swansea
Mr richard skull of diss
i owe my business success to Gaunty...reading his book he helped me turn my negativity round, thanks Jon
Mr LEE PERCY of Rochdale
get the big man back moz deescrace
Mr Mark Chapman of sheerness
Mr roger stradling of kenilworth
moz dee get gaunty back on it's you who needs the sack for losing the listeners...
Ms Alex Meehan of West Wickham
Mr Nick Rogers of Bristol
Get him back on air, im bored
Ms Rob Matthews of loughton
have,nt had a good tom now gauntys gone?
Mrs maureen jones of enfield
Absolutly disguting to sack someone for sticking up for kids in care no one else has just look at baby p.Maureen.
Mr mark dunford of watford
Mr Ian Wright of talkSPORT
Gaunty's the King of Talk Radio... I respect him even more after he got the sack.
Mr ToR mAtO of talkFORUM
I used to enjoy playing hide-&-seek with Gaunty on the fansite. R.I.P. Gaunty
Mr Robert Rayne of Plymouth
I will not listen or be associated with talksport again until Jon Gaunt is given his job back.
Mr Adrian John uwins of harlow
you have ruined a great radio station by sacking john gaunt.
Mr lee martin of southampton
mike dickens left a huge hole and gaunty soon filled the void superbly ,what you see is what you get , dont let the tiny fools speak for the masses , bring back jon now , what did you expect from him on this very motive subject , a 5 dead type interview , see the error , you lost james whale , and brought back brazil ! and galloway is still there !! lee the gooner in southampton
Mr David Stinton of Warwickshire
Clowns ! We're not listening anymore !
Mr Graham Levine of New Mills
Bring Gaunty back or lose more listeners
Mr Carl Ankers of Stockport
The only broadcaster who dares to say what the MAJORITY of people in England really think.
Mrs carol cox of Bath
Bring in back 10 morning are not the same
Mr paul Barrington of London
A bloody disgrace. Rethink your decision. Listen to them mugs on the Alan Brasil show in the morning, always giving it large about what bar or restuarant they are either going to or shall be going to and bragging about who they know, "and this place has got some beatiful ski-ing," really bloating their own ego's. Like as if most working class people want to listen that crap. And yet Gaunty gets the sack for putting a point of view across that has relevance to the real world. Will not be tunin
Mr kevin murray of suffolk
listners mean revenue
Mr Jason Norton of HULL
You did it for Brazil! so Bring Gaunty back!!
Mrs Pauline Bate of Sidmouth
Gaunty was a breath of fresh air!! What are TalkSport thinking of?..Get rid of the director instead,he is obviously barking!!
Mr jason coles of raunds
bring back jon gaunt or we will all go and listen to 5 dead
Mr mark hoey of nuneaton
bad move , i will not be tuning in to talksport again
Mr Les Bate of Sidmouth
The sinister PC brigade have orchestrated the sacking of Gaunty. Waiting their chance they have piled in with their in a vengeful attack over a programme I cannot believe they listened to! I find it incredible that Gaunty has been sacked for using non-PC words, yet Woss and Bland got a slap on the wrist for breaking the law! Jon has apologised for his choice of words, what do they want? Blood? If TalkSport cares at all what its listeners think, they will re-instate him. I for one will never listen to their station again until they do. And that’s a promise!
Miss Jenny Taylor of London
Mr Aaron Ageestrin of London
Mr Anthony Jones of newcastle
The best broadcaster in the business. I don't always agree with him, but he makes me think. I want adult, challenging radio. Please bring him back.
Mr Alan Jenkins of Rayleigh
I have been an avide liserner to Jon since he started on talk sport and we know this subject was one of many to get him fired up some times you have to stand back and look at the big picture the man has passion and i think he more than deserves another chance Yours Sincerly Alan Jenkins
Mr eifion hughes of yeovil
its an absolute disgrace punishing some one for giving their opinion surely behaviour like that is only one step from becoming nazis have a look at yourself talksport management
Mrs Pauline Ellis of Northampton
Mr Duncan Ellis of Northampton
Mr melvin drayton of essex
I have listened to Talksport before it was named Talksport since Jon joined he has brouhgt many views some agreeable and some not which makes him and his show unmissable Iam a barbadian born Bristh black manwho was listening at the time and feel that he should not of being sacked other his statment all my friends and i listen to Talksport for the diverse comments and opinions of its prsenters of which GAUNTY IS SUPREME we feel that Talksport we leading the way the modern talk radio ,by not reinstating Mr GAUNT THIS WILL BE A BACKWARD STEP AND WILL COST TALK SPORT LISTNERS.
Mr Ian Johnson of w-s-m
About the only thing Gaunty got wrong was his views on music otherwise otherwise a industrious and energetic presenter
Mr Will Smith of Peterborough
Mr Paul Robson of Norwich
Mr Craig Mountford of Blackburn
Please bring back Gaunty
Mr mark manners of london
Mr Anthony Durkan of London
This is stupid, talksport is nothing without gaunty, i am not happy
Mr David Andrews of Esher
I think the punishment for Jon very harsh, particularly considering his background of being in care AND the absurd policies of Mr Stark. Jon's show remains the only one I have ever texted or called or signed a petition for! You are losing a gem.
Miss Melanie Mousseau of Taunton
Mr Shaun Whittington of Glasgow
Keep him on talksport. It's the best radio station on the waves, but if Jon remains sacked, I'll have to re-tune to find him when he inevitably starts his new job as a radio presenter.
Mr phill mccarthy of liverpool
get this man back on air he is a peoples champion for common sence
Mrs Christine Britton of Hornchurch
Bring back Jon Gaunt - you can't keep gagging people who are brave enough to speak out.
Mr Anthony Britton of Hornchurch
Crazy decision - bring back Jon Gaunt.
Mr david nesbitt of stockport
i thought talk radio was a medium for debate but it seems not with talksport.all jon did was say what most of us were thinking.if anyone should have been sacked it should have been the councilor who obviously has no clue about fostering and what children really need.i will not be listening to talksport again.good luck jon you did nothing wrong.
Mr Neal Mike of London
Mr Steve Jeal of Billingshurst
By sacking your top presenters it is clear you have no regard for your audience.
Mr Richard Hills of Derby
Just sums up where this country is really going.....down the dustpipe.....Bring back the man who can make a difference !
Mrs barbara shaw of stoke on trent
good presenter speaks for the people of this country
Mr david smith of bristol
total overreaction. at this rate (with j whale) TS won't have any decent presenters.
Mr Peter Taylor of Dorking
I listened to the interview, and have to agree that Jon did go over the top. It was obviously an emotional subject for him, but sacking him is even more over the top than any language used in the interview. I for one shall certainly miss his no nonsense radio show in the morning. Good Luck Gaunty, bring him back Talk Sport
Mr Gordon Burke of Chesssington
Mr Wayne Huzzey of Gillingham
Mr David Hannam of Sutton
Mr kevin holness of manchester
jon gaunt was the best daytime show, now i listen to 5 live
Mr ian workman of dursley
support for john who says what many think but are to afraid to speak
Mr Andrew Evans of Cardiff
Free Speech,Free Speech,Free Speech,Free Speech,Free Speech,Free Speech !
Mr Andrew Atack of wakefield
jon was a man of the people, i will find it hard to listen to the mid morning show without him
Mr nigel laud of immingham
bring john gaunt back
Mrs Jacqueline Tomkinson of Luton
We want Jon back asap. thank you
Mr Paul Nolan of Southampton
I will not be listening to TalkSport again if Gaunty is not reinstated. I listened to both the interview in question and the apology. I believe his sacking is harsh and dispoportionate to his "crime".
Mr Christopher Spencer of Rickmansworth
Jon has apologised for "losing it" it was bound to happen at some point speaking to the public 15 hours per week, I will not be tuning in without Jon back where he belongs speaking for people like myself.
Mr Ian Hart of Worthing
Mr ross jones of coventry
Jons a man of the people. with a good heart. One silly word he apologised for saying, does not change that. Reinstate this man.
Mr stuart forster of stanley
shouldn't of said what he did but he knows that now, just heat of the moment stuff, get him back on!
Mr Stephen Hudson of Stalybridge
Freedom is a road seldom travelled by the multitude. Note to talk sports advertisers: Goodbye talk sport another lost listener.
Mr Paul Hadley of Walsall
Get Gaunty back. Now!!!!!
Mr Tony Gibbs of Port Talbot
Jon was only speaking his mind and the minds of most other british public, bring back Jon a man with real balls
Mr Bob Beckett of Penmaenmawr
Mr ray russell of portslade
Come on guys see sense.
Mr ron taylor of presteigne
Mr lee cheshire of ashbourne
get him back we miss him
Miss clare mason of Gloucestershire
I will no longer be listening to talksport, i would rather listen to 5live now..
Mr Lee Farrell of manchester
im not listening to talksport until gaunty is reinstated
Mr Norman Levene of Hastings
I hate this man but he was right to say what he did. I'm not a bleeding heart liberal and this has nothing to do with belief in democracy. Talksport is wrong and Gaunty was right.
Mr Stephen Reid of inverness
Please reinstate Gaunty
Mrs jocelyn reid of inverness
Bring back Jon Gaunt to talk sport.
Mr A Lane of wolverhampton
get him back
Mr Richard Kear of Gloucester
talksport,you have lost another listener
Mr paul salters of holton-le-clay
best bloke on air,he says what we all think ,bring him back,
Mr Matthew North of Plymouth
Gaunt is a breath of fresh air, and what he did was nothing compared to Johnathan Ross and he kept his Job.
Mr Neil Chapman of York
Talksport should apologise to John and to listeners & re-instate John Gaunt. He was a breath of fresh air with his views unlike most Radio or TV hosts who simply state what is politically correct no matter how far from the truth that may be. John always appeared to give an honest opinion no matter how unpopular it made him & I for one miss his show
Mr Ian Cullen of Exeter
Re-instate Gaunty as long as he agrees to stop giving us the view of 'left wing Laurie'
Mr David Watkins of Bridgnorth
If Gaunty goes, I want Galloway gone, he is far more offensive and slanders more callers than you can shake a stick at!
Ms Nina Warner of Portsmouth
Get Gaunty back on Talk Sport
Will not listen to Talk Sport again I have listened from the beginning,Whats so wrong with JON calling someone a nazi Its an opinion!! that scottish idiot Galloway has done the same on some of his shows !!!,Advertisers will drop the station like a stone !
Mr Stephen Priestley of Leeds
The punishment doesn't fit the crime, not forgetting Mr Stark almost goading Mr Gaunt with the phrase 'Have you been in care'. Mr Stark should be the one apologising
Mr william norris of broxburn
Gaunty spoke the truth about what is happening in Britain right now. Huge numbers of people agree with his views, including myself. His sacking is a disgrace. This country has gone pc mad.
Mr simon rigo of boxford
get back on the radio as soon as your back i will retune to TALKSPORT.untill upyours moz
Mr ian waghorne of Glasgow
Mr john burton of maidenhead
John Gaunt must be reinstated,please talk sport,from a dialy listener.
Mr Edwin Thomas of Plymouth
What A refreshing change to have a radio presenter that speaks his mind, shame on Talk Sport for following the mealey mouthed BBC's example. Hey Ho another listener you have lost!!!
Mr rich barley of chester
He's apologised. Bring him back. Show some balls talksport or risk losing the edge that made you popular.
Mr wayne adams of stourbridge
Mr STEVE BENTEMAN of seaford
I am appalled at the decision to sack Gaunty. What has happened ? Has the BBC bought Talk or imported their managers? We do not want a sanitised radio station at Talk or I would listen to 5 Dead. Talk has lost me as a listener now until this is addressed in a more professional manner? We have lost Whale, Mendoza and Gaunty, whilst we have to continue to put up with the highly offensive Gallaway, and new inept nightime presenters, and the overused ,becoming dull and stale Collins. Talk, get your act together. The only person left on the presenting team with any balls is Mike Parry. How long has
Mr andy wall of bristol
the whole site has switched to virgin ( sorry absolute)in disgust for f**** sake get in the real world !!
Mr john brittin of skegness
iam disgusted that gaunty has been sacked i was listening to the station at the time of the interview and michael stark gave gaunty a hard time and a lot of abuse. gaunty was clearly distress on what he was saying. gaunty did say sorry on air.what has happened to freedom of speech.IS TALKSPORT THE BBC IN DISCISES
Mr Andy Scarlino of Baldock
Bring him back
Mr Martin Hall of Evesham
This is an absolutely disgraceful decision, made by a radio station that has been gradually sliding downhill since Moz Dee took over. Reinstate Gaunty now, and ship Irani out instead.
Mr Brian Lee of romford
should have been suspended and not sacked. He is good to listen to.
Mr Mark Beville of Whitstable
Mr patrick devlin of bradford
Mr david nye of south shields
talksport i thought you were different from the bbc but it shows you all p*** in the same pot
Mr Derek Green of Shipley
Mr RIchard Scott of Essex
Mr mark stockton of macclesfield
bring him back my morning just aren't the same.
Mr stuart challis of chelmsford
We must have our Gauntie back
Mr J Martin of Kent
talksport was growing in popularity. jon gaunt was a big part of that. it's a slap in the face to his listeners to sack him. a 2 week suspension and a warning would have sufficed. very bad form, talksport. the sacking of james whale was very poor as well. very disappointed
Mr Peter Breckon of Teesside
Bring back Jon. Mornings are not the same.
Mr charlie english of bedford
most annoyed to hear the news. ts have made a big mistake and have lost another listener bye bye talksport.
Mr Tom wilson of Fareham
Mr Mark Connolly of Kidderminster
Mr Brian Tomlinson of Redditch
Mr c hris lambert of barnoldswick
i have not listened since jon has been sacked if he is re-instated then i will retune until then i will put with radio 2
Mrs Corinne Tomlinson of Redditch
Mr Dave Smith of Halesowen
Mr Mark Tomlinson of Redditch
Mr julian cowan of manchester
Mr Stuart Legg of Whitley Bay
Mr Tony Gallagher of london
my main reason for listening to talksport was gaunty no gaunty no talksport
Mr robert down of derby
Are we now not allowed to stand up to government and have an opinion ??Obviously not.
Mr Tomos Rogers of Newport
This is another attempt to dictate to the public what officials think we should here. Get real - Jon Gaunt only says what everybody else thinks. I hope to hear him back where he belongs ASAP.
Mr Kirk Davis of Coventry
Mr Kevin Marsh of Swanley
Mr Ilesh Tailor of london
Jon Gaunt is the reason why i originally started listening to Talksport, i feel he is in touch with the common man on the street and talks for us all
Mr paul samphire of stockport
jon should be back on the radio
Mr Gary Beard of Southsea
you can't have debate without different views i feel jon voices the views of most of his listeners extremely well. i will no longer be listening to talksport until jon is reinstated
Mrs Andrea Beard of Southsea
jon is the voice of the people!
Mr stephen pasquill of manchester
Mr jon searle of bury st edmunds
you have made a big mistake.An honest bloke who speaks from the heart and speaks for the ordinary decent silent majority.good luck gaunty it's talksports loss but come back soon wherever it be because we are all missing your words of wisdom!
Mr ian walker of cheadle
Good look Gaunty, i really enjoyed listening to an honest bloke who didnt duck or dive a question. Talksport have made a massive mistake, shows what this country coming too!!
Mr nick griffin of waltham cross
thank you jon for your active support and membership of the bnp party.your large donation is highly regarded.
Mr John Hanna of Omagh
I endorse this proposal to Reinstate John Gaunt. I disagreed with him on his view on smoking foster/adoptive parents and perhaps he was wrong to refer to someone as a nazi. However, surely everyone would recognise that this is just a shorthand prefix. I heard the broadcast and certainy took it in that manner. Jon Gaunt may be a controversial charcater but he stands for some very clear views that are not aired enough in the broadcasting media.
Mr Tony Gallagher of london
my main reason for listening to talksport was gaunty no gaunty no talksport
Bring back Gaunty best presenter in TalkSport by far. I am refusing to listen to TalkSport until he is re instated
Mr martyn wall of dudley
bring back gaunty
Mrs JANE LAMBERT of barnoldswick
Mr alan o of seaford
Excellent presenter Stands up for common decency, and respect. He uses his high profile to say what the vast majority thinks and would like to say The interview hit a nerve with Jon and the councillor was very disrespectful l of Jon`s time in care, and did not get the point Jon was making He was more intent on arguing. Than answering the point raised GET JON BACK ON TALK SPORT NOW
Mr oliver hill of ipswich
Mr lee gardener of wigan
Talk sport his not the same anymore we need gaunty back on air A.S.A.P
Mr ian drinkwater of bridgwater
Mid mornings are'nt the same. Ian collins is fit to lace Gaunty's boots.
Mr Gordon Bagshaw of Manchester
Jon should be re-instated, with a full apology, as soon as possible. I will not switch back to talksport until then.
Mr Graham thomson of Edinburgh
i feel the way Jon has been treated is very unfair, i do not always agree with him, but totally respect his right to say what he says, i havnt listened to Talk Sport since, and i wont untill he comes back, and i have been around since the Talk Radio days,
Mr jason chandler of Poole dorset
mid mornings are not the same without gaunty, oh well thats another listener gone , ian collins is totally and utterly CRAP, hes sends you to sleep and theirs no life to the bloke , bring back gaunty, after all he did apoligize !!!! GO JOHN TAKE EM TO TOWN !!!!
Mr simon dockerill of hull
bring back gaunty
Mr Andreyois Gewargis of Hayes
Please bring our Gaunty back.He is our legend and we love him. Talksport isn't the same without Gaunty! BRING HIM BACK!!
Mr Paul Bentley of Hereford
In my time listening to talk sport I have heard Jon give strong comments to people he interviews. I have on no occation felt his comments to be unjustified. He speaks out on subjects that the general public are never given the opportunity to speak on. If he is not on the radio how can the politicians ever be expected to take note of the feelings of the man in the street.
Mr Alan Gray of Milton Keynes
Free speech must be defended!
Mr graham hewitt of hull
no one can take his place
Mr geoff dockerill of hull
gaunty for prime minister
Mrs nicky dockerill of hull
talk shi*e from now
Mr colin maguire of halstead
weekday mornings not the same without jon gaunt,he is a great man and it will be talksports loss!!
Mr Alan Gray of Milton Keynes
Free speech must be defended!
Mr Ian Smith of birmingham
Mr Richard Cliffe of Halifax
I am thoughly disgusted with the powers that be at talk sport we, thats me and my workmates all used to lisen to Jon in the morning and we all loved the show moaned when he went on his holidays, i am sorry but Ian is NOT the same and we have been channel hopping inbetween 5 live and radio 4 and our local station and its not the same. the best way i can sum things up is what my brother said its been like he has died, and left a big empty space.
Mr Roger Fuller of Basingstoke
Jon is highly respect by his listeners.Jon ask the questions people would ask themselves.When chat show host from the BBC get away with what they did. Jon should never had been sacked.
Mr gary cheshire of stourbridge
he was only saying what most of us think. i regard jon as the voice of the silent majority of the good people of this country. we will go where he goes. you have been warned!!!
Mr Neil Saunders of Hull
Mrs Denise Montgomery of Staffs
Mr paul hope of newry
Mr Gary Lucas of Ipswich
Mr philip clark of stafford
Wake up and smell the coffee talksport!
Mr Paul Bishop of Henfield
How the hell is george galloway, allowed to spout his seemingly anti-zionist opinions, yet never gets any form of sanction....Sorry did someone say something about the loony left, aahh right!
Mr brett hilton of bourne
I wont be listening to your weekday morning shows anymore( dont like Brazil/amateur boy ex cricketer anyway, & H&J dont start till 1300.Back to local radio/5 live i am sad to say although radio Lincolnshire is actually very good with real professionals- unlike Durham,Collywobbles, Chicken,Brazil etc. TC was great as is the legendary Porkmeister- so I suppose his number will soon be up too. Gaunty,the Pussycat,TC& old Shortarms- there's a few to start with on a new radio station- & how about Russel Brand too- he admitted his mistake but was man enough to resign&publicly apologised. He may not b
Mr paul johnson of leicester
I have turned talk sport off until gaunty is back.
Mr Andrew Camis of Hanworth
Mr james lavell of hereford
is this a wind up talksport have just sacked the best man on the radio without gaunty giving his powerfull comments this country is finished
Mr john villers of birmingham
Mr Andy Hathaway of bridgnorth
Bring back Gaunty, your best presenter by far, or I will be switching off!!
Mrs Mel Hathaway of Bridgnorth
Big boy for prime minister, if he could afford the wage cut! Bring back the voice of the people now.
Mr Alan Acreman of Salisbury
I will not listen to Talksport again until Jon Gaunt is reinstated.
Mr john barrett of hemel hempstead
dont let them change you jon . Shows a bore know your now
Mr Steve Haynes of Swindon
Mrs Janet Acreman of Salisbury
I always believed Great Britain was a democracy and you are allowed free speech. Where is the free speech now!
Mr Gary Parrish of Wigan
I agree Jon can be outspoken but i think youve got to be outspoken these days for anyone to take notice of good old fashioned common sense.Thats what ive always like about talk sport-and gaunty-a radio station that doesnt bow to everything and anything thats politically correct-BRING BACK GAUNTY
Mr paul simpson of lancaster
Mrs julie heptinstall of halifax
bring gaunty back NOW what he said was no worse than what one of your broadcastors said about michael barrymore being in the pool in a hotel in yarm this week
Mr David Cartwright of Shipston-on-Stour
Jon Gaunt tells it like it is pity Kelvin does'nt still own the station He listened to the outcry from the listeners when Brazil got sacked!
Mr Derren Heath of Marlborough
None needed really you know you screwed up
Mr paul dicks of london
i hated him but am addicted for some unknown reason because i respect that everyone has a right to voice their views.
Mr David Hyde of Leeds
This is polital correctness gone mad. It is a shame that the voice of the people is not able to voice our opinions. I have not listned to talk sport since, and have no reson to do so. I didnt realise it was a "censored radio" and as such it holds no appeal to me.
Mr Phillip Ward of Lowestoft
Better not say anything.. might get the sack,
Mr John Hughes of Aviemore
I only listened to TalkSport BECAUSE of Jon Gaunt's show. Unless he is reinstated, myself and my family have no reason at all to tune in to the station again: ever.
Mr rob youseman of portsmouth
Mr Steve Wright of Ryde
It's totally out of order to sack Jon Gaunt, the DJ who dares to speak the truth in this PC obsessed country. Re-instate him now for the good of Talk Sport and indeed, the country.
Mr Martin Hudson of East Drayton
TalkSport have made another grave mistake. First James Whale and now Gaunty. Two of the best radio talkshow hosts in decades. Talksport must listen and reinstate them both before you lose any more listeners, myself included. I never thought I would see the day when Talksport would cow tow to the PC brigade and the Liberal Left, but how wrong you can be!! Martin Hudson.
Mr Paul Lewis of Ellesmere Port
Land of hope and glory?.. Not if people like Mr Stark put there own self importance before the children of this world.. Respect big boy & good luck!
Mr Mark Offord of kettering
I will not tune in to Talksport until Gaunty is back!!
Mr Mark Offord of kettering
I will not tune in to Talksport until Gaunty is back!!
Ms Yvette Blackburn of Doncaster
Reinstate Gaunty….. our radio is not the same without him!! The nation has spent the last two weeks trying to fathom out why baby P was not removed from his brutal, sadistic and murdering family. The chances are there were no suitable safe houses, where he might have found protection, kindness and a little love. Left to the likes of Mr Starks the situation will obviously get even worse. I suggest that consideration be given to sacking Michael Stark. Is it not criminal that such a limp, self served official has the power to influence legislation, ensuring our most vulnerable remain isolated
Other chris freeman of bristol
well done should be the new leader of the british national party to speak up for the far right.the voice of white england is not being heard.heil jon gaunt.
Mr moz dee of london
NO CHANCE BIG BOY.come back when your both your balls have dropped and your voice becomed deeper.I`M THE BOSS NOT YOU.
Miss catherine oakley of newcastle
bring back james whale and mike mendoza.
Mr drew peacock of uttoxeter
Mr Bernie Mulligan of Cheltenham
...Has anyone got a rope I could borrow ? someone has taken away my daily dose of anti bullshit,straight for the jugular and most passionate fervent defender of GREAT BRITAIN... pleeeeeeeeze How can this Happen... get him back
Mr pete thomas of bury
Hes a bit too left wing for my liking but hes better than nothing and sack those tossers collins & galloway
Mr darren ray of birmingham
Sacked for telling the truth ? GREAT BRITAIN NOT RUBBISH BRITAIN.10 till 1 weekdays, will never be the same.
Mr roger Bull of stonehouse
We need blokes like gaunty to tell it like it is before the whole country goes down the plug hole!!!
Bring Back Gaunty or BBG for short.
Mr ian phillips of Walsall
Jon was the reason I purchased a DAB radio. Whilst not always agreeing with his opinions I always respected his style and willingness to address many topics which other broadcasters shy away from. He is the only man prepared to speak the truth and without him our Political masters will have an easy ride. Bring him back.
Mr JJ Devitt of Bridgwater
Too harsh a punishment for a rare error
Mr mark powell of sheffield
bring him back for the white van man
Mr Geoff Hoare of Exeter
Mr chris willett of wokingham
Ian collins is ok but its like having dry toast Jon is the marmite you either love him or hate him let me know where you go if the wimps dont let you back. Good luck
Miss Ann Morgan of Nottingham
Jon has been unfairly treated. Please reinstate. A warning should have been enough or a fine, NOT the sack.
Mr martin capp of scunthorpe
bring back gaunty. the voice of the silent majority.
Mr Brad Wagenhauser of Chew Magna
Miss Rachel Dean of Halifax
Probably like the majority of Jon Gaunts listeners I cherish his candid debate and refreshing no nonsense honesty on air. It is a pity there are not more people in this country as passionate as he is who will stand up and be counted.
Mr william schofield of oswaldtwistle
sorry to say i will not be listening to talk sport any more if jon is not reinstated thanks w schofield
Mr peter roebuck of leeds
unless you reinstate jon gaunt i am considerring not listening any more.
Mr chris urmston of ter aar
i believe that jon gaunt deserves a second chance,like most politicians,talk sport is defenitly not the same without his style of programme,thankyou, chris.from holland
Mrs Eileen Grimes of Reigate
Mr John Cresswell of Bradley Stoke
You need to bring back Gaunty Talksport is limp without him
Mr Peter Fell of Bridgnorth
Without Jon Gaunt on his 10 to 1 show you have one less listener.
Mr daniel woodhouse of norwich
perhaps now you can take that wage cut gaunty and become the PM!! hope to here you on air again soon mate, you're a legend
Mr garry richardson of peterborough
england used to be the best country in the world but now sadly the one thing that made this country great-freedom of speech has sadly died with it, R.I.P. england bring back jon
Mr Danny nicholson of ellesmere port
Get Gaunty Back. one less listener
Mr david friend of aveley
how can you sack a man just for airing his views surley that is what free speach is all about. you don't have to agree with these views
Mr ronnie hirst of dewsbury
please reinstate jon gaunt right now
Mr Tom Haslett of Braintree
Mr Tim Hamilton of Perigueux
He speaks sense!
Mrs margaret garde of manchester
bring back gaunty
Mr Keith Williams of Burntwood
Bring Gaunty back
Mr Andrew Mills of Hull
Bring back Gaunty
Mr stephen field of wisbech
please reinstate jon gaunt otherwise alot of people including me will boycott the station
Mr Phil Thomas of Greece
Bring him back
Mr john tamburri of heywood
did not agree with john on alot of subjects but hey it seems smokers are the new black death to people with some councils just look at pliticaly correct haringay
Mrs julia balmer of hemel hempstead
Mr wazeer ahmed of bradford
some times i think gaunty is a bit controvercal but he always talks the truth with no hold barred its not the same on weekdays between 10 and 1 now on talksport i swith over to another radio station
Mr jordan cheshire of ashbourne
bring him back now
Mr lee cheshire of ashbourne
not the same with out him
Mr Marc Smith of Sutton
This country needs more people like Gaunty, without him the working men and women have no voice, reinstate him now
Mr carl` morgan of wigan
Mr chris tuohy of redditch
get jon back on talk sport
Mr Ray Clements of Northampton
Mr Jeremy Whittingham of Brighton
A true passionate man, who is paid to be controversial and entertaining but on this personal subject got a bit carried away.
Mrs Samantha Brown of Hinckley
A disgrace that this has happened, I will not listen to the station again.
Bring back the Gaunster.....and then beg him to accept a knighthood for lyalty to Great Britain....
Mr Allan Smith of Markinch
Please reinstate this very important voice against all things loony liberal and new Labour! The man's a legend and a fantastic voice of reason in these crazy times!
Mr Mal Davies of Telford
Jon Gaunt is the main reason i listen to talksport , a true man who speaks his mind , and represents the true voice of the man in the street . The replacement presenters , whist good , are not even fit to fill the void left by the big man . BRING BACK GAUNTY !!!!!!
Mr Liam Thomas of Lefkas
please bring Jon.PLEASE!
Ms Becky Housman of Malvern
This is an outrage, bring Gaunty back now
Mr graham knowles of westhoughton
dont worry gaunty justice will be yours!!!! bring gaunty back
Mr graham knowles of westhoughton
dont worry gaunty justice will be yours!!!! bring gaunty back
Mr Richard Nelson of Uttoxeter
Bring back Gaunty, It's a disgrace
Mr Steve Wheat of Uttoxeter
Bloody liberals
Mr m chesterman of bournemouth
Mr paul gibson of manchester
get the gauntmeister back on , i have stopped listening now
Mr kevin howlett of littlehampton
by sacking jon gaunt over one word. which the council were acting like.talksport have now become nazis.
Mrs theresa sexton of barnet
Jon always spoke sense and what ordinary people wanted to say. He was not frightened of the pc crowd thank you.
Ms barbara payne of huddersfield
will not listen to talk sport again unless jon comes back. best presenter ever
Mr Stephen Kessler of Greenford
shamefull How people can have there employment contract cancelled as a cost saving measure for talksport in this recession.......!
Mr david smith of london
how will jon pay for all the pies he eats now he is unemployed.people please send your spare change to gaunty or he`ll waste away.
Mr james green of wolverhampton
Bring Gaunty Back!! Free Speech This Country is a joke!!!
Mr james butler of tamworth
this is a shocking decision a possible over reaction to what happened at the bbc
Mr michael nichols of market harborough
first messrs brand n ross, then they had a go at clarkson, now its gaunty's turn! we,ll be running out of presenters soon! i bet all those that are left are scared of saying anything to controversial!
Mr gareth fitches of leicester
BRING HIM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr carl grinrod of bristol
i heard the debate whilst working away and thought jon was totally in order the way he was with that know it all.Typical politition!
Mr Robin Wells of Wimborne
Mr steve davidson of north shields
a disgrace gaunty has been sacked.whilst not always agreeing with the man,at least he has the balls to stand up for this once great nation.i thought talksport had more about them than this mind.their loss will be someone else's gain.get jon gaunt back now!!!
Mr john cave of bournemouth
A suspension would be adequate- he is a first class and passionate broadcaster.
Mr craig king of taunton
Mr Stuart Jones of colwyn Bay
political correctness gone mad!! michael Stark was a complete berk!!! gaunty was merely saying what the listening population was thinking!!
Mr Clive Dawson of Cambridge
Bring back Gaunty, you know it makes sense. Talksport needs an edge,otherwise its just like all the others.
Mr Michael Brannan of Ferndown
Mr Sam George of edinburgh
I emailed Moz Dee and forwarded it to Gaunty demanding for his reinstatement and have so far received no reply. This is the end of free speech on Talksport and many other stations, they lost another listener when I found out he was sacked
Mr Peter Spark of Bodmin
I (everyday listener) Won't be listening to Talksport between 10 and 1 o'clock, untill Jon is back.
Mr rob fox of huddersfield
we want gaunty back england needs gaunty
Mr Robert Butwell of solihull
Bring 'Gaunty' back to Talk Sport it's not the same without him, he was a voice of the people and a great entertainer, it's not the same without him.
Mr Damien McKee of Wishaw
Whilst they were right to sack the presenter who supprts the BNP , I believe that Jon Gaunt should be reinstated especially since the councillor accepted his apology.
Mr Phil Graham of Rishton
it's a disgrace REINSTATE GAUNTY NOW, or i'll forced to switch off talksport till he is reinstated.
Miss Ursula Vasey of Rishton
Gaunty speaks for the public at large. Now the public at large are speaking for him. BRING BACK GAUNTY!
Mr Kerry Conroy of Dorchester
Britain needs men like Jon.
Mr Craig Thomis of Bradford
Mr Nigel Knight of Sheffield
Justify it!
Mr Dan Holland of Grimsby
Mr wayne hopkins of poole
Gaunty, the guy is one of a kind. I could disagree with him all day, but he presented a great entertaining show. I shall no longer listen to Talk Sport in that time slot if nothing is done about this.
Mr Chris Reilly of Oldbury
Bring back the realist, the only man who stands up for working class British people.
Mr christopher taylor of hebburn
Mr Bernard Wales of Selby
The guy from Redbridge deserved it.I would have done the same.I was listening on the day and fully support Gaunty to be reinstated
Mr David Shore of Bournemouth
Please reinstate gaunty ASAP, the site I work on, all the radio's are tuned elsewhere from 10am till 1.00pm as a protest. Please do it NOw!! Many Thanks.
Mrs paula bell of lymm
How can Talksport enjoy revenue from Gaunty then sack him for voicing hs views.He was only stating a fact that most people would agree with.Being in care himself this must have been a difficult interview and talksport must have expected this and perhaps not have let him interview-- expecting it to be heated and if his remarks were ott a suspension and apology enoguh.Bring him back.
Mr roy short of coventry
Bring back the peoples voice ,Mr Jon Gaunt THE LEDGEND
Mr Ian Storer of Nuneaton
Mr kevin bryant of CLEVEDON SOMERSET
bring back Jon Gaunt
Mr james blakey of milton keynes
Mr John Thomson of Glenrothes
It is a disgrace that Gaunty was dismissed for stating his opinion - Whatever happened to free speech
Mr rob marshall of norwich
Bring back Jon
Mr Leigh Trainer of TROWBRIDGE
Gaunty is a legend, the man says it how he sees it, he is a breath of fresh air in a society where you can't say anything for fear of recrimination. It is an absolute disgrace he has been sacked
Mr andy campion of rushden
the worlds gone mad.gaunty says what alot only think and dont have the guts to say.bring back jon
Mr Simon Hearn of Lincoln
My God I was shocked when I heard the news. I heard the interview and when Gaunty called him a nazi I did wonder if he had overstepped the mark in view of all the recent coverage of woss and brand. Bring this legend back NOW!!!
Mr Andy Grist of Redhill
Not justified at all.
Mr chris rendell of corsham
We need people like Gaunty on the radio to express the veiws of the common man.Reinstate him now please or talksport will lose another listener.
Mr darren dobson of wigan
we have freedom of speech and yet talksport sack Jon Gaunt. Will they also sack Galloway or do they have double standards. I will now be listening to radio 5 untill Jon is re-instated.
Mr Andy Peck of Leicester
Mr chris kivell of bristol
gaunty must come back, my mornings are not the same ,his show is quality !!
Mr mike mountain of ellesmere port
Mrs dawn Bond of bristol
bring Gaunty back you paid him to be outspoken then sack him 4 i!
Mr Daniel Cawkwell of Doncaster
he only says what everyone is thinking
Mr craig melvin of coventry
Ms Sandra Flynn of Dudley
Jon & Ed say it all for us little cogs in the big wheel
Mr Steve Firth of Guiseley
Without Jon TalkSport has lost its bite and common man conection.
Mrs sandra rees of banbury
bring gaunty back.
Mr stephen boot of sheffield
we need gaunty back on talksport to speak for all
Mr vincent eade of lincoln
Simple BRING HIM BACK there is no-one who can replace him
Mr Michael Haywood of Spilsby
Bring Gaunty back! Talksport is just a background noise in my workshop without him. A radio re-tune is on the cards tommorow!
Mr tom haden of rm66bj
talksport will not be the same without him!
Mr dab bradbury of crawley
Mr Geoff Martin-Smith of Basildon
Miss janet thomson of Manadon Plymouth Devon
Talk Sport management have made a big mistake ( yet again).They made a very big mistake sacking James Whale and Mike Mendoza as they fully realised because both the evening and night listening figures have have certainly dropped compared to when the above presenters were on air. Referecs, John Gaunt, he was out spoken and direct just the type of person who the public want to speak on their behalf.In order for Talk Sport to retain their success, they must reinstate John Gaunt,Mike Mendoza and James Whale.
Mr Anthony Pycroft of selby
much missed
Mr gary thomas of leicester
please bring john back he says what most of us want to say but can!t,this is a bit harsh compared to what has happened at the BBC. bring gaunty back.
Mr peter hague of Whitstable
bring him back or loose me as a listener
Mr bob kinsey of newhaven
Mr Steve Whitehead of Chessington
Total travesty ! I will never listen to the station again!
Mr Steve Littlewood of Manchester
Bring back Gaunty!
Mr scott farquhar of hurst green, lancs
I started listening to the show this year after give up with listening to radio 1. With the sacking of John the Talk Show will decline. No one does what John does better.
Mrs glennis leech of poynton
Who can replace him -nobody He is a man of the people We implore you to reconsider the decision to sack Mr Gaunt.
Mr peter stuart-robinson of bishops stortford
This is the thin end of the totalitarian left we must win this or be crushed
Mr James Woodhouse of barnet
I am shocked and disgusted.
Mr Oliver Reilly of Oldbury
Talksport - The radio station for real men? Or the radio station for politically correct, liberal, BBC latte drinking types?
Mr andrew reece of cardiff
Mr ben miller of guildford
Reinstate Gaunty, now. He was the only reason I listened to talksport anyways..
Mr pete Ledbury of Leighton Buzzard
Mr Kelvin Sheldrake of Ipswich
Dont give up the fight
Mrs lynne harris of tamworth
bring back gaunty he is the best presenter who is not afraid to speak the truth he is suffering because of the ross episode they are looking for heads and we do not want this to be gaunty he is the best and we will not listen to talksport until he is reinstated
Mr michael harris of tamworth
bring back gaunty he is the best presenter who is not afraid to speak the truth he is suffering because of the ross episode they are looking for heads and we do not want this to be gaunty he is the best and we will not listen to talksport until he is reinstated
Mr Phil Davis of Heywood
Talksport is now TalkDead . I will never listen to it again . Wankers
Mr Steve Deakin of Luton
You've lost a listener. All radios now on 5 live. You've encoraged him to be contraversional. You're as spineless as the Councillor.
Mr A Akcay of London
bring back Gaunty
Mr TONY VALE of Knaresborough
Bring back Gaunty he was only speaking the truth and also defending himself
Mr neil harris of bury
re-instate him asap you must rrealise that 1000's will turn off. How much do you think 5 lives figures will rise by.
Mr Dave Vokes of Farnborough
Mr shaun walton of northampton
Gaunty inspired the nation,And made great your radio station,I hope you'll see fit to reinstate,Before he moves on and its too late,The politically correct for now have their way,But the king of free speech WILL have his say,Rich or poor-whatever occupation,Gaunty gives the UK entertaining,thought provoking inspiration.
Mr GAVIN JONES of northampton
bring gaunty back or lose an army of listeners !!!!!
Mrs Cindy Ray of Birmingham
Talk Sport is not the same without the twit spelt with an "a". bring him back!!!!
Mr Chris Wellings of west mids
Mr brian brett of grimsby
well this country is going to hell in a hand cart,just for telling the truth
Mr Craig Murray of Dundee
Mrs Alex Welsh of Glasgow
Controversy when it's real, not just to save money.
Mr Paul Murton of Sittingbourne
Mr Mike Slifkin of Staines
Come on - reinstate Jon.Weekday mornings are just not the same!
Mr Richard Vernon of Nottingham
Mr Andy Brown of Dagenham
Come on BRING GAUNTY BACK and ill start to listen to talksport again
Mr Michael Pratt of Warrington
Talksport have lost me as a listener,bring back Gaunty and i'll be back.
Mr nathan michaels of Grays
bring john back to talk sport this is a total disgrace .
Mr Stephen Howard of Alcester
Disgraceful, if you want to silence your presenters then no one will listen to your station. Get with the real world.
Mrs Jayne Howard of Alcester
You bunch O muppets, get him back in the chair.
Mr alex marshall of linwood
come he only expressed what the people living in the real world thinks
Mr james rebbeck of hereford
jon gaunt must be reinstated,he speaks his mind and is honest unlike probably all politicians! ian collins is good but no one has the punch of gaunty
Mr David Hampshire of Oldham
A sad time for Talksport, this decision has shattered their reputation for ground braking broadcasting. It shows they clearly don`t represent the people who tune in daily. So Scott Daunton, Moz Dee get your act together and reinstate Jon Gaunt, we all make mistakes. Do it for the good of Talksport
Mr Darren Brooks of Leeds
Without Jon delivering his brand of humour and honesty, TalkSport is a poorer station. I will be looking for alternative mid-morning radio entertainment. Chin up Jon!
Mr Darren Millington of Silverstone
Just think of what the tosser Ross said and he only got suspended!
Mr lee jenkins of st helens
dear sirs im dismayed at what youse have done to jon gaunt, have some decency and please reinstate the master broadcaster or me and my family will never listen to you radio station again. i hope he wins his case and you all have to eat humble pie. its nearly christmas for gods sake, hes a good man, i dont always agree with what he has to say but he is good radio.
Mr david cameron of luton
how come galloway just had to say sorry for his rant against rangers football club
Mr Simon Smith of Edinburgh
Your radio station will not be the same without the grrrreeeeaaat Gaunty
Mr Greg Galvin of chigwell
It didint really cause offense to the man from the council he was just a pr!ck and couldnt take the fact that John was right.
Mr peter walker of biggleswade
Mr Chris Humphryes of Purley
Ms Joanna watters of Lefkada
Mr john jackson of leicester
bring back the best man on radio
Mr john pigott of leeds
Have to listen to another station shame on talk sport for not supporting people who feel strongly about the safety of our children.I would like to have the children of the persons who dismissed JG visited by the social just to be on the safe side.
Mr Shaun Durham of Bristol
Get the Gaunt back before you start loseing listeners i thought that Talksport was the place for freedom of speech but in fact you are just as bad as the BBC i shall no longer be listening
Mr Stewart Myhill of Norwich
get him back,Talksport is going downhill fast
Mr PAUL LADEMANN of Plymouth
very few people express my views about living in the UK. Now that both James Whale and Jon Gaunt have left Talksport I'm left with George Galloway. Where's the balance coming from Talksport?
Mrs kay whibley of march
Mrs patricia coda of london
i love listening to jon hope some other radio station hires him.
Mr gavin smith of Denton
john is best thing on talksport
Mr ian ashley of manchester
bring gaunty back
Mr John Pool of Cambridge
Mr paul wardle of birtley
Jon apologised on air following the incident and I did not feel this was needed due to the unsavoury manner and negative attitude of this councillor. For a man to be sacked for this incident is upsetting given his childhood insight into the issue raised.
Mr John McMahon of Birmingham
The sacking is a disgrace! Bring back Gaunty!
Mr David Long of Deal
So ,talksport behaves just like the BBC ,when you don't like presenters or their comments ,get rid of them ,just right for a democracy.
Mr Kuks Selhi of St Albans
Mr Alan Jackson of Newcastle upon Tyne
My friend Steve Murray loves him, you have ruined his life!!!! He cries every day!
Mr Mark Hewitt of birmingham
Mr barry gregory of leighton buzzard
bring the man back this council jerk has no idea when i comes to kids jon got it dead right get him back on air. baz
Mr robert batchelor of romford
Reinstate Jon, A great asset for talksport,he speaks for the people
Mr Graeme Arnott of Gateshead
Miss gemma bryant of Billericay
Mr Nick van der Weyden of Peterborough
Talk Sport is not worth tuning into now and i won't be tuning in unless he is reinstated
Ms jean bates of rotherham
i listnened to gaunty since he started talk sport,i have never phoned the show about anything,but i feel i need to speak out about the sackin of the one person that ordinaty folk like myself can rely on to speak the truth, when the majority of the do gooders,politicians, and anyone else in higher authority,who think that telling a few lies, and covering up certain things,willbe forgotten. well gaunty and his team made talk sport and if he isnt reinstated the goodbye and good riddons talk sport from thousands of listeners
Mr Geoff Lees of East Budleigh
Bring back Jon asap. If only he was listened to by those at the top, they would then know that he airs the views of those of us that want Britain to be great again. What is this country of our coming to when we sack a man for straight talking and honesty!
Mr Matthew Cooper of Somerset
Jon was a good man who spoke on behalf of general sentiment within the UK. With the dismissal of Jon, following that of James Whale, the appeal of talksport as a current affairs station has been greatly diminished to me and, presumably, many of the others signing this petition.
Mr james mayoh of hull
I do not always agree with John's views, or his interviewing manner BUT, I believe that he speaks for the overwhelming 'silent majority' of this country who are sick and tired of the yoghurt-knitting,sandal-wearing,politically-correct,anti-british people in authority who have not lived long enough to see what a mess they have made of this society.They need constantly to be told and John is the man to do that!!! Bring him back!
Mr Nicholas Bolton of Boars Hill
Bring him back, how an earth Galloway gets away with his offensive marxist twaddle I will never know. First Whale, now Gaunt, has the BBC infiltrated the upper echelons of Talksport? I will not be tuning back in until there are presenters like Gaunt and Whale back on air. Get a grip Talksport!!!
Mr Kieran MacRory of Ballymena
Bring back Gaunty, daytime radio is crap without him. Talksports loss - someone elses gain
Mr Paul Malen of Warrington
Mr Michael Hathaway of Stafford
Jon speaks for us all.
Mr robert george of tonbridge
If Ross only got 3 months suspension for his vile tirade then Gaunty has to be re-instated. Until this ridiculous descision is reversed, I will no longer listen to talksport!
Mr Andrew Feeley of London
If suspension is how the BBC deal with Jonathan Rossk, then Jon should only be admonished, not suspended and certainly not sacked.
Mr John Brookes of Birmingham
The show is now not entertaining and I do not listen between 10am and 1pm now. A shame as it was non stop listening to talksport from 7am to 4pm. Reinstate Gaunty and Sack Durham instead then I can listen to talksport all day until 10pm. Durham is a lot more obnoxious than Gaunty ever was.
Mr Michael Clewlow of Leek
We miss Gaunty
Mr Rod B of Newcastle upon Tyne
Mrs Veronica Day of Cardigan
I hope that common sense prevails, I wont listen to Talksport until Gaunty is reinstated!
Mr Lee McLean of kilmarnock
why why why?
Mr Neil Stubbington of Gosport
The person who sacked Jon should be fired and get Gaunty back where he belongs ASAP
Miss elinor mcnaughton of leeds
bring back fatso
Mr Paul Clark of Rochford
Yes he annoys me. Yes he upsets me. And yes, he SHOULD be re-instated. As the petition header says, Gaunty's crime is nothing compared to 2 BBC employees who broke the law in their attempt to entertain the masses. Bring back Gaunty!!!
Mr John Ward of Winsford
Mr david kinnear of ballymena
Mr Richard Legate of Leeds
I'm 20 and have been loving Gaunty's radio for years now, i have very little interest in his views, but he makes me laugh and he was the main reason I started to listen to the talk side of talkSORT
Mr Michael Bilsborough of Nr. Accrington
sacking jon gaaunt was a travisty of english law it canot be jutified in calling someone a nazi when other opeople say much more outragous things on telivision and are just suspended for three months why could this have not have been given to jon instead of sacking him for saying something everone else was thinking bring back jon as the mornoings are no longer the same and i now have started to turm over to 5 dead now that alan hAS FINISHED!!!!
Ms samantha ogrady of leeds
political correctness gone mad!
Mrs Margaret Mawson of Nelson
Best Wishes Jon,we miss you.Hope you are back soon.
Mr Steve Rose of Nuneaton
Come on big boy 10 oclock is not the same without You
Mr peter collins of peterborough
Mr Andrew Taylor of Grimsby
Dismayed and disillusioned about the decision to sack Gaunty. He was the lone and articulate voice for millions of us hardworking men and women of this nation. We need him back on air asap.
Mr gary platt of scunthorpe
get gaunty back
Mr David Wise of Southam
bring back gaunty. we don't know what to fink!!!!
Mrs Linda Wrafter of Doncaster
Sacked for being none Pc in Pc gone mad Britain !
Mr Dave Whalley of Warrington
Bring Jon back, Talksport is a poorer place without him.
Mr Derek Wood of Doncaster
Mr Wayne Hendry of Gloucester
It was a ridiculous decision to sack Jon Gaunt. Yes he pushed the boundaries with his views but he speaks his mind and was always open to be challenged. Surely the radio management could have used a more common sense approach rather than just sacking the man. Hope you get Justice Jon and look forward to hearing you on the radio again soon. Wayne
Mr Graham Lucas of Brighton
Weekdays just ain't the same bring back GAUNTY NOW..
Mr Julian Crompton of Evesham
Britains No1 T-J must return ASAP. We only have Ian Collins left. Jon is one of the last voices of the working man as we have a crap Goverment who have put this country back into the mess it got us into in 1978/9. Yet Talksport is quite happy to employ idiots like George im a socialist (Im quite happy to work for a company created by a capitalist system) Galloway, GET A GRIP TALKSPORT!
Mrs Karen Walker of Stockton
Bring back jon my mornings are so quiet will not tune in to talksport any more stopped tuning in on evening after sacking james whale
Mr Ian Walker of Stockton
Please come back gaunty the only person to keep my wife quiet for three hours
Mr des dearman of Derby
While i didn't agree with what was said at the time, and was suprised (john) carried it over into giving out listeners responces of support for for the wording used, i was supportive of what was generaly being said by john. Cllr Stark was being delibertly evasive and given johns background, i could understand the responces. Glad to add my support, good luck to you.
Mr Jamie Dyas of London
Come on
Mr kevin davis of guildford
may as well listen to 5 dead if this is how your going to behave.
Mrs Helen Crompton of evesham
The apology was accepted, why make a huge deal of it? Bring back Gaunty, I wont be listening to talksport until I can listen to the Gaunty show again!!
Mr Dave Ball of Barry
I heard the interview, worried a bit for Gaunty but thought it very fair, the man made me crazy! Heat of the mo. etc...I,m a yoghurt knitter and miss shouting at the radio - then agreeing totally..... Mike Dikin will be spinning.
Mrs Margaret Beard of Caloundra, Australia
We listened to Gaunty every evening here in Australia and really miss him - several of our Aussie friends have got used to him and we all want him back.
Mr grant h of boro
Mr Noel Saunderson of Huddersfield
Mr mike tennant of ely
do the right thing!
Mr Fraser Beard of Caloundra, Queensland
Bring back Gaunty - NOW
Mr karl gerrard of halifax
Mr Simon Ridley of YEOVIL
am listening to radio 5 dead now in protest
Mr christopher peat of sheffield
bring back john, he speaks for the nation.
Mrs margery marsh of isle of man
at least Jon says it as it is, and although sometimes a bit carried away emotionally, he was a breath of fresh air and comman sense to an otherwise P C attitude that has a stranglehold on the mouth of most British people
Mr Paul Lucas of London
Bring him back... not the same without him!
Mr V Lewis of Reading
1 injustice! We all say things in the heat of the moment!
Mr tony haines of swansea
I feel that jon has been unfairly treated by Talk Sport. His show has been enjoyed by many thousands of listeners and I feel the right wing councillors have won again where is the justice for the underclasses which jon represented so well. bring him back
Mrs melanie findley of york
do not listen to talk sport anymore
Mr Colin power of romford
Mr sean carpenter of PLYMOUTH
Mornings are boring now without Gaunty. I didnt agree with everything he said but thats freedom of speach! Now i feel im listening to a presenter who is told wat to think and say. Its like the BBC.
Mr Carl Ford of wolverhampton
I cannot believe that jon has been sacked for this, it is a disgrace. he was the only reason i listioned to talksport. You have just lost another listioner. Reinstate the GAUNT
Mr Ian Combe of Edinburgh
Mrs Carole Tal of London
Please bring him back he is thebest radio presenter on Talksport and tells it as shouldbe told. Sometimes is gets a little overheated but dont we all? SHould nothave been sacked. J Ross was not sacked just suspended. Please, please bring him back It is not the same without him. Everyone deserves a second chance.
Mr lance robinson of brighton
Mr Rob Ashton of bury
Gaunty!!! I have now stopped listening to talksport and I won't be tuning back in untill you are back!!!!
Mr Danny OKane of london
gaunty is by far the best current affairs presenter on talksport, and he brought in alot more listeners, unless he speaks for the silent people that cant speak up, who will??..please let him come back. talksport is the only station i listen to, but it has lost a big of that reason.
Mr tommy cairns of london
the man is the only person in the WHOLE country that speaks up for us, please bring him back, talksport management please do the right thing!
Mr keith oates of milton keynes
bring him back
Mr Geraint Williams of Cardiff
Although very close to the bone on many occasions the vast majority of Gaunties shows aired a different point of view to all others on the Radio. I didn’t always agree with John's point of view but this is what made the show so infuriating yet addictive at the same time. Shame to see him go - i now finding myself trawling the other Radio shows on offer at that part of the day. Go on give him another go!!!
Mr Richard Williams of Ottery St Mary
I do not believe that Jon's comment warranted his sacking. Whilst certain standards must be maintained I feel a warning would have been more than enough on this occasion.
Mrs clive lewis of henfield
bring back gaunty he is an honest shock jock
Mr Jon Bowler of Wakefield
Please get gaunty back on the radio
Mr chris phillips of doncaster
Gaunty has to be re-instated have not listened to talksport since news of his sacking broke.Ian Collins nice bloke but dull as dishwater.Bring back the best talk host in the business.
Mr Paul Windibank of Southampton
Talksport isnt the same without John Gaunt!
Mr andrew harris of birmingham
bring back the best man on talk sport
Mrs janet manville of Bolton
Everyone knows when they ring the programe what ype of programme they are ringing if they dont want an idependant view then dont ring. Bring back Gaunty and let me tune back in to Talk Sport, have not listended to the station since he has been sacked it is not the same show.
Mr James Flanaghan of Bolton
have not listended to Talk SPort since Jon was sacked. He voices the views of the majority of the listeners. Bring back Jon and let us listen to good radio.
Mr Marcus lapsa of coventry
I think the sacking of Jon Gaunt is miss guided and wrong. I do not always agree with Mr Gaunt but he is there giving a view that most people agree with.
Mr Stewart Cruttenden of Reading
He's really annoying but he's brilliant. This was an over the top response. Real people use that expression - nazi with a small n - every day.
Mr Jonathon Hillman of Watford
Getting Jon reinstated should be the highest priority for Talksport, this is a massive over reaction to something that most of the country care about, an apology was issued and that should have been the end of the matter.
Mr Chris wright of newton abbot
Please bring back gaunty, he's the best, better than the rest of the muppets onair.
Mr edward holt of worsley
gaunty is a top bloke and says what the ordinary man in the street is thinking but is not allowed to say.
Mr Robert Theweneti of Wetherby
The only person who has the balls to say what true Britons think! Bring back GAUNTY! My lunch breaks aren't the same without him
Mr Martin Lee of Pitstone
Bring back Gaunty before I go insane!!All the sanity left Talk Sport the minute he was sacked
Mr mark thompson of bristol
Gaunty is the only person who says what we true Brits are thinking. Bring Gaunty back. WE WILL NEVER BE GREAT BRITAIN if he doesn't return
Mrs denise conway of weymouth
For goodness sake has all common sence gone out the window? give Jon his job back NOW
Mrs Joan Brook of Leeds
We want Jon Gaunt back now, no more talksport dead.
Mr Benjamin Grundman of Purley
Mr julian cowan of manchester
Mr Spiros Papaglimis of York
Bring back the Gauntmeister!
Mr Colin Rix of Cross
Reinstate the Gauntster, Talksport is bigger than this politically correct rubbish. Show your strength, bring Jon back now.
Mr JAMES FRAME of fife
Is this the end of freedom of speech? You speak for the real people of GREAT BRITIAN. Long may it continue…….
If he goes to another radio station then im going with him!!!
Mrs Andrew pummelll of ongar
Talksports not the same with out Gaunty
I often disagree with Jon but want him back because he makes me think more about serious issues.
Mr andy tedstil of glasgow
Mr Mark Woods of Ipswich
I didn't agree with everything Jon said. However, I miss him in the mornings, just not the same. Give this man his job back asap and get talkSPORT back to its former glory!!
Mr daniel landstrom of sandbach
Mr tom strong of gillingham
please give our voice back to tehe radio!!!
Mrs shirley strong of gillingham
please give our voice back to tehe radio!!!
Mrs charity richards of h'pool
Also bring back James Whale and Mike Mendoza and sack Johnathon Ross
Mrs maureen piper of shaftesbury
we need jon back!!
Mr Don Cameron of Cannock
I have stopped listening to Talk Sport in protest of the sacking
Mr jim mccoy of belfast
we need gaunty to stand up for the working class
Mr Steven samways of Fareham
Mr H K of New Malden
He Makes the station what it is, amazingly imformative!!
Mr John Lee of Halstead
Talksport have shown they have no backbone, just like the rest of the do gooders trying to influence our lives. We are not going to stand for it. Good luck Gaunty, keep speaking your mind and do what you believe is right. Talksport will be the losers, not just for the ratings, but for the loss of respect.
Mr Donald O'Mahoney of Hayes
If Jon is'nt reinstated by Talk Sport it will be an insult to the listener of Talk Sport,why is he treated so unfairly in comparison to the way the gutless BBC treated their prize asset Jonathan Ross he deserved to be sacked more then Guanty.What was Gaunty's crime he stood up to politicaly correct numbskull more concered with the smoking issue then childcare what a sad indicament of the country,that this is deemed more serious then the Ross situation.GET JON BACK HE SPEAKS FOR THE PEOPLE MORE THEN ANY MP.
Mr Nigel Houldcroft of Luton
I will never listedn to Talk Sport again until he is reinstated.
when that interview took place I actuallaly commented to my 17 year old daughter this is why I listen to gaunty and talksport because he says how we feel and he,s aloud to do it how wrong I was talksport gaunty gone so am I
Miss susan parker of rochdale
Bring back Gaunty.
Mr dave parker of bolton
Brazil and Parry are worse I have read the book
Mr ray lawson of dundee
Mr mark white of wellingborough
can we have our great british morning back . please
Mr neil hewitt of cardiff
talk sport you should be ashamed. you should be backing jon up not giving in to political correction gone mad
Mr Richard Bond of Widnes
Mr Steve Harris of London
I read in yesterdays Evening Standard that Jon Gaunt has been sacked for comments he made on his show last Friday. I feel very sad and upset that this course of action has been taken. He's not a bad man and so enjoyable to listen to. Please ask your executives to reconsider, Talk Sport has made a mistake he's not committed a major offence and has apologized. By the way I'm Jewish he certainly has not offended me and I agree with his views in relation to the conversation topic.
Mrs Anne-Marie Morris of ALRESFORD
The sacking of Jon Gaunt is a disgrace to a man with one of the few voices who represents true public opinion. He is missed for his daily lively debate. Shame on you Talk Sport for you've lost a broadcasting genius and a cash cow! Come back Gaunty!!
The sacking of Jon Gaunt is a disgrace to a man with one of the few voices who represents true public opinion. He is missed for his daily lively debate. Shame on you Talk Sport for you've lost a broadcasting genius and a cash cow! Come back Gaunty!!
Mr kevin nelson of annan
cant believe the over reaction by talk sport.the reason i listen is because all the presenters sa what they think instead of the bbc we start acting like the bbc,its the end of talk sport for me.
Mr Tony Haines of Leigh
Bring him back the voice of the common man says what everyone thinks but doesn,t have the guts to say! the last bastion of Britishness being quitely moved on.
Mr JIM Knowles of boston
This station has just nosedived in the ratings, Gaunty had over 1000,0000 listeners and you have just lost most of them, I refuse to listen to Talksport till he is reinstated!!!!
Mrs Diane Northcott of Gt Yarmouth
Bring Jon Gaunt back.He is the only ine that speaks up for us.Ian Collins is not a patch on him. BRING HIM BACK
Mr Nick Tait of Bridport
Haven't listened to TalkSport since!
Mr Julian Maynard of gloucester
I miss Gaunt, it's like I'm missing an old friend..
Mrs Karen Walker of Stockton
Emailed SCOTT TAUNTON three times no reply. Ithink his sacking is personal someone wanted him out the same goes for james whale mornings are oh so quiet.
Mr ian driver of bolton
country of free speech so he should be able to say what he did withont losing his job
Mr Thomas Uglow of Peterborough
Mr paul lewis of northampton
someone see sense get him his job back
Political correctness along with the despicable human rights legislation is destroying this once great country. I do'nt listen to the Beeb because of their government bias and I have switched off Talk Sport for the same reason. RIP free speech. Alas you offended someone, somewhere, somehow. Who?...Who cares. I'TS NOT ALLOWED. Anymore
Mr Peter Herbert of Birstall
I don't agree with most of Gaunt's views but this is a pathetic excuse for sacking him.
Mr David Hoyle of Radcliffe
I would like to have Jon back on the radio,he speaks a lot of sense and the truth.I thought talk sport was a radio about people and oppinions .BRING JON BACK PLEASE
Mr Simon Kitchen of Brighton
Bring back the gaunt now
Mr Jay Bell of Birmingham
Gaunty should have never been sacked,have stopped tuning into Talksport.And unless Jon is reinstated i will never listen to Talksport again.
Mr christopher Mutter of Shirebrook
The Voice must return
Mrs Jane Payne of Birmingham
I support Jon. Talk Sport is not the same with out Gaunty
Mr k bailey of chippenham
have a brain talksport you sacked the great alan brazil and that backfired now re instate gaunty.he speaks the truth and thats what we wake up and smell the coffee
Mr Frank Griffiths of Nuneaton
I have listened to Talk Sport for years and since Gaunty has been sacked, I have tuned into Radio 5 Live - bring him back or become less successful
Mr bob hope of banbury
bring him back
Mr p habgood of northampton
Love him or hate him he did not deserve to be sacked for his comments - he apologised fot a start. He aslo made the comments in error/not what was meant to be said. Iroincally Ken Livingstone can get away with similar (concentration camp guard comments) and not apologise and yet remained in power - Jon Gaunt deserves better from Talk Sport - some support would be a start - Talk Sports loss...
Mr Mike Fox of Bedfordshire
Thought he was off on his hols??? Get him back on air now!!!!
Mr Pete Jackson of Blackburn
How dull is Talk Sport now. First we lose James Whale then Jon Gaunt. Yes he was an arrogant pig at times but he was addictive.
Mr steve dath of romford
let me know if Gaunty gets reinstated, as I'm not listning to talk sport.
Mr Matthew Bickerdike of Leyland
This is another attack on free speech. Beat them in a fair debate and loose your job. There were people like that in the late 1930's to mid 1940's who didn't like debate and got upset with people. Fortunately they lost the war but with people like Mr Stark about we need not have bothered fighting it.
Miss claire buckland of cherington
Mr phil matthews of cherington
Mrs loni james of Bath
He has been sacked for telling the truth? quite bizarre, five dead from now on for me
Mrs sonia white of belfast
bring back Gaunty!
Mr Derek Anderson of Milton Keynes
This sacking is a travesty and a knee jerk reaction after the Jonathon Ross saga. I would like to know how many complaints there were against Jon and how many people are really in agreement with what he said, I would bet the Percentage was high in favour of what Jon was saying. Another point, has anyone reported the councillor to the police for not reporting the people in building, which he said he knew about, smoking in their offices as failure to report this is also against the law??
Mr Mark Warren of Epsom
freedom of speech!
Mr Stuart Hepworth of Huddersfield
Not always likeable, not always right, but always good to listen to and HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!!
Mr Jim McKay of coventry
Foe the sake of british freedom of speech, Jon must be reinstated.
Mr Gary Adams of Burton on Trent
Bring him back what a loss this man is to the radio, i miss him
Mr nigel williams of llanelli
Mr john boast of Walthamstow
The very person to argue for the right of free speech of everone regardless of race sex or religeion is fired for voicing his own freedom of speech. Wherever you end up Gaunty millions will follow you.
Mr Darren Stevens of Carmarthen
Mr John Peat of Birmingham
Gaunty should be prime minister let alone on the radio. The country would be a better place with Mr common sense in charge. Reinstate the Gauntmiester now and put the great back in Britain
Mr Andrew Whitehouse of Coventry
Get Gaunty back on Talksport
Mr Mike Regan of Haworth
Mr DARREN LENG of Driffield
sacking gaunty is a huge mistake you will lose listeners it will be your loss and another stations gain bring him back
Mr Graham Wright of Gateshead
Gaunty is top class and only says what the majority think. Get him back on the radio!!
Mr Myles Radden of carterton
Come back, Gaunty. ven!
Miss Donna Wright of Daventry
There is no way he should've been sacked. Talksport have let the nation down!!!
Mr Ian Isaacs of Trowbridge
Jon Gaunt speaks the thoughts and feelings of the silent majority and should not be silenced
Mr Gary Peacock of Clacton on Sea
Gaunty you legend leave it to us we will get you back where you belong mate. Just a thought have you considered a pay cut they may have thought you were being paid to much? I personally think old lefty laurie was after your job. only joking. Good luck mate.
Ms Tony Beard of Sawley Long Eaton
Mr craig smith of solihull
gaunty your legend m8 keep those chins up .
Mr Martin Pickard of Milton Keynes
The best journalist on the radio who speaks with the voice of ordinary people. We need Jon back on air.
Ms Simon Jones of Kingswinford
I have never been a fan of a presenter before jon all wasys the station but where ever you end up next i will follow.Good luck in the future jon. simon,Lisa and Kids
Mr John Barrett of Halesowen
Sacking Gaunty is a disgrace.Bring him back or Talk Sport will fail.
we want our gaunty back
Mr stephen holden of blackburn
iv'e taken my talksport car sticker out and iam sending it back, i will not be listening any more.
Mr Richard Fowler of Milton Keynes
Bring back the Gaunt
Mr Ivan Corbett of London
Please bring back Gaunty Im now starting to lose faith in free speech in this country.
Miss Wendy Richards of Warwick
if they won't bring him back, make him prime minister instead!! x
Mr terry milburn of stevenage
i have been listening to Gaunty for a long time now (10 years). he is the best talk show host in the country, get him back on air ASAP
Mr PAUL Murphy of harrow
bring him back
Mr jamie haywood of spilsby
what else am i gonna listen to between 10 and 1 when im at work?
Mr Darren Williams of llanelli
Post 15You wrote12 seconds ago So is this the end of free speech as we know it? You all know what gaunty is about. If you dont like the tune, turn off your radio. You dont always have to agree with his opinions and neither did I, but his show was an opportunity to agree or dissagree with the ideas, opinions and suggestions that are out there in the public. It was an opportunity to have a voice. So where now? I suppose we'll voice our concerns on internet social sites instead, untill the big man has enough and decides that we are again, outspoken. TALKSPORT- The radio station
Mr graham donaldson of Colchester
Proud to be British and a loyal Scot
Mr Mark Palmer of Newton Aycliffe
You Have to bring Gaunty back he has a no holds barred interveiw technique that other presenters do not. He posseses qaulities that others do not. He is like marmite either you love it or you hate it.....
Mr adam bartlett of Newcastle upon tyne
Lets get gaunty back. its TALK sport not watch what you say sport!
Mr Ryan Flannery of earl shilton
Mr Jonathan Trotter of Inkberrow
Well free speech obviously doesn't really exsist at talksport, Jon and anyone has the right to express their opinion, even if you or me or joe bloggs doesn't agree with it.
Mr jonathan Daye of porth
bring back gaunty a.s.a.p. before the millions of listeners move on to another station.
Mr Chris Walsh of Stafford
Gaunty is the most annoying person on Earth. Bring him back please, we need him.
Mr matt golding of ely
gaunty was the best thing on talksport and is sadly missed!! bring him back he talks the most sence of anyone on the radio and my long days at the wheel of my tractor seem twice as long now
Mr Paul Townsend of Finedon
The sacking of Jon Gaunt by Talksport is draconian! I shall not be listening to Talksport again until Mr Gaunt is reinstated!
Mr Graham Harrison of Ashbourne
Bring back Gaunty !
Mr michael baxter of wirral
Mr stephen spence of reading
talksport,you`re out of some bollocks,and bring back gaunty.
Miss Kath O'Malley of London
Gaunty is Legend!
Mr Rob Attridge of Isleworth
Bring back Jon Gaunt
Mr Gary Wand of Sleaford
Bring back Gaunty, he spoke the truth when others around him are scared too!!
Miss Bethany Walker of Stockton
Need gaunty back asap because mother is depressed lol
Mr Simon Payne of Berkshire
Miss you Jon. I need you back in my life!
Mrs Melanie Grist of Redhill
Moz Dee is a lettice for sacking Gaunty.
Mr Mark Fenwick of Alloa
bring back the common sense that jon gaunt is. What is talksport afraid of? i now plan to boycott the station until guanty is back.
Mr Dave Johnson of Dewsbury
Despite my affection for Alan Brazil show, I'll never listen to talksport again until they reinstate Gaunty. I am sick of appeasing all the tree hugging cheese eating banana straightening surrender monkeys who'd surrender all our freedoms to the onion eaters in Brussels
Miss Angela Mulholland of Dewsbury
PC gone mad!
Mr sam kelly of sidcup
Mr stephen jackson of watford
Bring back the Gaunty
Mr Tony Clews of Stoke-on-Trent
Bring back the passion to Talk sport NOW!!
Mr justin reakes of swindon
talksport are a joke i dont listen any more
Mr garry white of newbridge newport
jon gaunt is a brilliant broadcaster and speaks for the majority he should be reinstated immediatly with a full apology
Mr Matt Barnes of Milton Keynes
Mr Pat Ambrose of Braintree
Jon Gaunt must be re instated as he represents the voice of the nation.
Mr James Davies of Cardiff
Bring back Gaunty. Talk Sport is now a mirror of BBC 5dead.
Mr Darren Carter of M/cr
I have signed but don't think the bigot's will change their mind!!
Mrs Catherine Rice of Chafford Hundred, essex
bring Gaunty BACK!!! Talksport is not the same without him, you sacked him even though he apologised on AIR!!! and the apology was accepted!!! sounds like someone has a grudge against him to me. I bet your ratings are suffering
Mr Colin Rice of Chafford Hundred, Essex
I no longer listen to TALKSPORT, Get Gaunty BACK!!!
Mr AUBREY STAPLES of Peterborough
I have just returned to the U.K and am disgusted that you have sacked Jon Gaunt,he is the best thing to have happened to talk sport and I feel your actions are very short sighted,o.k. he made a mistake and has apologised. I would like to give my support to Jon Gaunt and hope you will change your decision and reinstate him. Aubrey Staples. I have just returned to the U.K and am disgusted that you have sacked Jon Gaunt,he is the best thing to have happened to talk sport and I feel your actions are very short sighted,o.k. he made a mistake and has apologised. I would lik
Mr Alex Kaye of London
Mr Ian Carroll of Dunstable
Mr Peter Upton of Stockport
good, honestb presenter
Mr B Pollard of Malden
I firmly believe that the TalkSport management were advised by the establishment to get rid of Jon Gaunt in order to silence him, and TalkSport were simply waiting for an opportunity.
Mr scott ward of birmingham
Mr Jon evans of swansea
Talksort has lost a family of listners
Mr Nic Jones of swansea
Mrs Nusha Evans of swansea
a loss
Mr Phil Smith of Norwich
Gaunty is 'The Voice' of the prople .... Reinstate him NOW!
Mr Edward Mullard of Bridgnorth
I feel Jon Gaunt is a victim of the Brand, Ross BBC episode. It a complete overreaction.
Mr albert lyon of leigh
I think other talk sport presenters have said worse things and get away with it.
Miss Scarlett Bell of Darlington
I agree with mr pollard something not quite right with his sacking I think someone wanted him off air.Will not listen to talksport anymore.
Mr Gary Munnery of Redhill
Mr John Croake of Sutton Coldfield
One of extremely few people in public life to express what the nation is thinking!
Mr john povey of worcester
Mr mark robinson of kings lynn
bring back gaunty
Mr Christopher Megginson of Hull
Ms jean kellock of manchester
please give jon another chance
Mr Tim Barnes of Christchurch
The hero of many the enemy of the few ! Keep up the good work Jon
Mr k keaney of newbury
listen to the voice of your liteners alk sport, bring gaunty back!!!!
Mr dave watkins of bridgborth
Mr Benjamin Grundman of Purley
Mr Stuart Mitchell of Newton Abbot
As per normal, PC gone mad, your all worried about your own positions,
Mrs sue white of hemel hempstead
Mr paul dilworth of southport
bring bck jon you know it makes sense.
Mr Gary Fielding of Oldham
Bring back Gaunty!!! Talksport just isn't the same without you!!
Mr stephen watson of maidenhead
never underestimate the power of public opinion. Without us there is no radio station
Mr john dreczkowski of stirling
bring back Jon. or I am sitching of even mea
Mr Daniel Linaker of Manchester
bring back gaunty he did nothing wrong
Mr andrew gwilliams of shrewsbury
the only man i have ever heard speake up for the decent hard working people of this country the man is a legend for saying what most are afraid to say because he loves this country so much
Mr Scott Parker of Brighton
Bring Back Jon Gaunt!
Mrs pat dobson of wigan
mornings are not the same on talksport without gaunty bring him back
Mrs julie sanderson of Accrington
Jon speaks for the decent people of this country we have no other voice.
Mr robert bradshaw of blackburn
talk sport is rubbish now bring back gaunty p d quick
Mr Rob Chambers of Wymondham
Mr andy torrington of crawley
bring back the best presenter in your history talksport.nothing , no one worth listening to in the morning now so we dont bother to tune in at all any more, a FAMILY of X listeners
Mrs liz robinson of harrogate
not listening anymore, new preseter boring
bring back gaunty
Mr Ian Clapham of LEEDS
We need more people like jon, saying it as it really is, no pussy footing around! With you all the way jon.
Mr peter walker of orpington
An undemocratic dictatorial sacking of a man who simply spoke his mind....nobody was forced to agree with him or indeed listen to his show. THATS FREEDOM OF CHOICE ISNT IT??????? These are now sinister times in the UK. Bring back John Gaunt, yes he's a nob but he did stimulate debate....and remember Galloway for reasons unknown is still allowed a free reign to spout his equally controversial views.
Mr mark murdoch of gateshead
bring back gaunty the only presenter with his finger on the sports loss.
Mr Howard Martin of Ampthill
This man is the only one who speaks for the people of this country. Please don't give in to the loony left! Reinstate Gaunty
Mr Ian Doughty of Crawley
FREE speech should not COST jobs.
Mr Liam Meehan of Langley
Get Gaunty back and give Talksport back some credibility.
Mr David Rolph of Lindfield
Ridiculous situation. For goodness sakes get off your diamond encrusted Talk Sport thrones and re-instate Jon Gaunt.
Mr david burton of northamotn
Mr Duncan Briggs of Durham
Shocked to hear Gaunty got sacked! He speaks the mind of an English man, Probably 90% of the Talksport listners. Talksport bosses... Get a spine and get Gaunty back on air!
Mr david rhoden of rotherham
so much for freedom of speech
Mr Si Aust of Paignton
Bring Gaunty BACK
Mr Derek Walker of london
Talksport is not the same without Gaunty!
Mr Chris Patten of London
Politically correct rubbish to sack Gaunt. Re-instate him!! Missing the banter with Brazil!
Mr steve bosworth of nottingham
please reinstate gaunty with immediate effect so i can come back to talk sport again and be an avid listener
Mr Stephen Bigg of Hartfield
I will not be listening to TalkSport any more unless Jon Gaunt returns as a presenter
Mr wayne adin-christie of chessington
Jon Gaunt..The best of British!! Bring Gaunty back!!
Mr derek hughes of liverpool
get gaunty back on talk sport before you become the new bbc radio dead....
Mr mark hurley of manchester
Mr Sean Reedman of Chelveston
Bring back the master - spineless management at its best.
Mrs Lisa Archer of Arlesey
If you dont bring Gaunty back my husband will become a complete pain in the arse. He loves this guy and is just like him. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!
Mr Gary Archer of Arlesey
My mate Gaunty - My days wont be the same - Please allow him to come back!
Mr chris smith of daventry
Mr Bruce Adams of Poole
Mr James Isles of Billericay
The only DJ to say exactly what he thinks, very refreshing. A very professional and fair broadcaster both technically and in his approach.
Mr Clive Morris of Marske By Sea
This is crazy. Talk Sport employed Jon Gaunt to have his opinions and if he feels an MP is acting like a Nazi, then he should be able to say so. Remember we have free speech in this country, unlike the Germany in the second world war. Bring Jon back now.
Mr Adam Robinson of Bognor Regis
he is the voice of the people
Mr kevin cunning of west malling
disgusting affair shame on you talk sport managment another honest voice of the people gone
Mrs adrienne mills of manchester
Mr John Elder of Newport
i will never listen to talksport again
Mr Neville Myhill of Lincoln
Bring Jon back, i know his comments were very insulting but he gets abuse trown at him constantly on his show & never retaliates. I have stiopped listening to talksport untill he is reinstated so have a lot of other listerners.
Mrs patricia edey of harrogate
will miss him badly if not reinstated
Mr milan karadzic of colchester
Please bring back gaunty he is the god of talksport
Mr carl birkin of coventry
mornings arent the same without gaunty!
Other seatjl seatjl of Washington
Mr Craig Kendrick of malvern
Bring him back now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Chris Hill of Bath
A great morning show must not be lost bring back Mr Gaunt we want to hear him
Mr martin sheppard of welwyn garden city
bring him back hese brave and honest and leaves a huge gap
Mrs Pamela Gasson of Swanage
Have stopped listening to the morning show,it has gone back to being boring again.Come back please.
Mrs Ian Walker of Stockton on Tees
Spoke to a stephen farmer i asked him how many complaints against jon but would not tell me l urge everyone who loves jons radio show ring MR STEPHEN FARMER express your disappointment
Mr Richard massey of york
Till gaunty is back on my radio i wont be listening to talk sport any more
Im still listening but its like listening to 5 dead
show is rubbish without him i wont be tuning in between 10-1
Mr Andrew Jones of ashton in makerfield
bring jon back he was great and only said what the whole country are actually thinking so bring him back!!!!!
Mr gavin cowan of dumfries (scotland)
We the peoplw want gaunty back!!!!!!!!!!
Mr adrian watson of nottingham
what have they done i can say what i think but i dont think they will listen bring him back
Mrs Pamela Davis of London
Please just get Gaunty back on the radio.
Ms Mary Chapman of Northampton
Come on know you need him.
Mr nigel ackrell of poole
stop pissing around and bring back jon
Mr Richard Bradbury of Manchester
Mr David Bradbury of Manchester
Please see sense and bring him back!
Mr Gordon Pickering of Barnsley
top man deserves to be heard resigned to listening to radio 5 dead now what is the world coming to
Mr dave bamford of london
jon gaunt is a very good presenter and a decent man.the way he has been treated by talksport is harsh to say the least. you should think about how he rasised the profie of the station whislst he was on the 10- 1 slot.give him his job back pleasle he did not deserve the sack for them comments ! a slap on the wist yes !! not the sack !!
Mr Sean McManus of Portsmouth
Mr Bruce Saunders of Leicester
Return Gaunty to his rightful place on the radio
Mr stephen reader of KENT
get him back
Mr Mo Anderson of Milton Keynes
Mr gary cooney of poole,dorset.
Ms nick Williams of uxbridge
Ms Darren Maroney of Silsden
Its a disgrace and under pins whats wrong with this country, free speach is dead. Is this Cuba or Great Britain???
Mrs dawn Bond of bristol
Gaunty aired my views
Mr peter kirkwood of worksop
An absoulute disgrace and i personally am boycotting talksport until the great man is reinstated.
Mr Gwyn Smith of Verwood
Bring back Gaunty
Mr andy moulding of bournemouth
your a ledgend john
Mr Michael Paul of Ringwood
Mr Mark Johnson of northampton
Put Gaunty back on radio he is top man!!!!
Mr craig daly of stockport
i have stop listening to talk sport from 10 till 1 now, bring gaunty back. He will be on another station soon and i will tune in to him. You have made a big mistake.
Mrs sheila wood of ilkeston
will not listen to talksport again till gaunty is back .he speaks like it is out there in real life.
Mr lewis brunskill of highbridge
bring back gaunty
Mr Adam Speight of Barry
Mr Marc Smith of Sutton
Mr Sean Ingham of Manchester
We need this man back on national radio, he speaks his mind and is passionate about what he believes.
Mrs Pat Ollenbuttel of Abingdon
I was listening to the show and think Jons sacking was totally and utterly unfair
Mr steve brown of gloucester
Mrs sue white of hemelhempstead
Mr terence poynton of Bromley Kent
I've advised all my family,relatives,and ffriends to boycott ttalksport until Gaunty is given his job back.
Mr colin gregg of barnsley
bring gaunty back, he's the best thereis.
Mr paul zamojskyj of manchester
Mr David Smith of Dartford
The station is being very petty in my opinion to sack someone for that.
Mr Richard Ashton of Northampton
Gaunty is the voice of GREAT BRITON
Mr Shaun Whittington of Glasgow
Why was he sacked? There was nothing wrong with what he said (in fact he even apologised on air straight after it). Is this country now becoming a communist country? What happened to democracy and free speech, something this country used to be famous for?
Mr ian keates of willenhall
Ms angus ridley of hull
Mr Tony radcliffe of Leek
Funnyhow youcan abuse 78 year old gentlemen, or racilayy abuse hard working Poles as scrubbbers and keep your job. Yet you eluciadtae what everyone thins about a nazi in Redbridge council and lose your job. New Labour Britain dont you just love it
Mr michael curtis of poole
you are worse than the BBC they did not sack Ross for a far more disgusting mistake
Mr Steve Norman of Marlborough
Come on chaps,Gaunty not only has passion,but is also ,like or loath him,an amazing broadcaster.Give us all some much missed radio back before someone else snaps him up,and I have to change radio stations!.
Mr danny cheevers of wellingborough
bring back gaunty now, talksport is dead without him
Mr Tim Clark of Bristol
This is the worst example of how an employer can tread and employee. YOU WANT A SHOCK JOCK! and lets be honest he is the best. Please bring back gaunty!
Mr lee martin of southampton
bring back king jon the first .
Mr simon adams of saddleworth
not the same any more--gone back to 5 dead
Mr Jonathan Clark of Doncaster
Mr Phil Reed of Taunton
Get Gaunt back!!
Mr chris swift of leeds
Mr matt short of hatfield
unbelievable, must be reinstated
Mr Jim Meaney of Lytham
I have been a listener to Talk sport for 12 years. I have heard presenters come and go. I think your reasons are quite poor and are more like the actions of the liberal sandal wearer's of the BBC. Is this what you want ? Or do you want what the listeners want, a voice for the genuine people of Great Britain. Thank you for allowing to put my point across.
Mrs sharron cooper of telford
Mr Julian Pedler of Portsmouth
so this is freedom of speech!!!!. another one of the majority silenced.
Mr Harry Baugh of Dudley
Political Correctness rears its crazy head once again
Mrs Carole-Anne Clark of Erith
Jon Gaunt says things on air that other people think but don't want to say. He is brilliant and has thousands of loyal listeners. BRING HIM BACK!!
Mr Scott Jones of Bolton
The Sacking of Gaunty is an absolute discgrace yet again free speach is now being blocked It makes you wonder if MORE HIGHER POWERS IE GOVERNEMENT had put pressure on Talksport to sack him everybody get to the Airports and prepare to leave this nutters paradise it is no longer a land of democracy but becoming the next USSR all the best Jon
Mr keith hackney of ware
Mrs Rose Hush of Washington
I am gobsmacked that Jon has been sacked from Talksport, he knew more about the ordinary man in the street and how they felt than any politian. Free Speech! ha! as long as you dont say anything. I am disgusted that he has been fired, he was the voice of common sence. Rose Hush
Mrs susan baker of stevenage
i thought we had free speech in this country but it appears only if you say what certain people want you to say. you only spoke the truth this is how nazism started. good luck John
Mr stephen critchley of barnstaple
He was the only thing worth listening to on talk sport sacked for saying what most people thought
Mr Dave Allcock of Pitlochry
I am a long time talk sport listener, whilst not always agreeing with Jon Gaunts views I thought he was the epitome of what talk sport stood for, i.e., letting every person having their say irrespective of their views. Alas it would appear that I was wrong. One more listener bites the dust. Apologies to Alan Brazil who I also enjoy listening to but I cannot condone a radio station with such PC views
Mr jim evans of swindon
drag them through court jon and start a new station with you at the head and james whale with you
Mr Fred Berry of Barking
I've been listening to talk sport for 7 years, but refuse to listen again until Gaunty returns!
Mr mark humphreys of Stoke-on-Trent
If you dont bring Gaunty back then it is your loss. Are you really that stupid!!!!!!!
Mr David Anthony Evans of Carmarthen
Freedom of speech is the greatest thing about the UK...people have died to let it happen, so why are we censoring everyone these days, the greatest censor is the off switch, it is nice to have a choice, if you let us!!!
Mr Daniel Lacey of Heanor
This is the biggest mistake that Talk Sport have ever made. I believe that I am an average person, with an average lifestyle. I never listened before Gaunty, and now I listen to my local BBC radio station. You people are a disgrace. I hope that your radio station will crash and burn.
Ms stuart warnock of dingwall
Mr stephen brooks of preston
all i want to say is give him his job back on talk sport
Miss emma leavy of stafford
i want gaunty back on the radio mornings are just not the same without him. someone is finally ready to tell the politicians what is wrong with this country
Mr gary powell of fareham
just bring back gaunty
Mr Howard Bottomley of Aylesbury
Say what the PC Brigade want or get hounded out! Typical
Mr barry halls of chessington
For years I have promoted and admired talksport for the quality and character of the presenters. They have always managed to show effectively how someone could almost freely express their views. However, to release John from the station is outrageous! He was the heavy weight in prime time who had control, humour and who gave you he had a downright feeling of being one of the people. He was your best programme i have heard for many a year. Now you only have very lightweights remaining. It seems LBC may come back into the frey of being the best, unless you realise your mistakes. remember, the c
Mr robert blackham of worksop
Miss Victoria Bate of Bristol
Mr james butler of Tonbridge
bring him back NOW
Mr darren Foster of derby
reinstate jon as he was a breath of fresh air with his down to earth views
Mr Douglas Reid of Hull
Does not deserve this treatment, bring him back.
Mr Jackie Dobbins of Glasgow
NUE World order controls the puppets at talkSPORT
Mr Gene callinan of nottingham
If as many people complained about this NAZI fiasco as there is on this petition i would want Jon fired but there isnt so WHAT was the problem?????
Mr Phil Grinnell of Evesham
The 10 till 1 spot just is not the same without the dulcet tones of Gaunty, outspoken, non pc but with out a doubt a must listen to all who love this country bring him back today!!!!!!
Mr Bashkim Krasniqi of Lewisham
Everyone knows that Mr Gaunty is the best radio presenter. Gaunty saved my life while listening to him through BBC London 94.9 FM. I really think that we should do far more to make sure that Gaunty is 100 percent supported by everyone of us. God Bless You Gaunty.
Mr jak rest of bedford
Mr Barry hine of Gosport
what gaunty said was only what all his listeners where thinking.
Miss Sarah Carter of CROYDON
Bring Back Gaunty! The airwaves just aren't the same without him.
Mr sean geddes of leicester
jon gaunt great show a credit to talk sport & media got things wrong from time to time when a person puts themselves up in his manner as he does with his topics debates remarkes represents the silent majority speaks up for example our pensioners 'soldiers the loyal gurker's 'children the workers our green and pleasant land england 'britain not allways in agreement with him I did'nt like the way he would cut some one off when not in agreement that in my mind is far ruder than calling some one a nazi a jock a mick a paki yes short for pakistani so what ! lets get this nonsense in persp
Mr cliff lewthwaite of plumsyead
Mr RICHARD SMITH of cambridge
from 10 till 1.00 its the cd player from now on. what a bunch of twits (with an A )YOU REALLY ARE
Mr Andrew Giles of Norwich
Bring back a legend!!
Mrs Janice Giles of Norwich
Bring Gaunty back - we're missing someone who speaks a straightforward language and shares the views of huge numbers of native british law abiding, tax paying, working citizens.
Mr steven bradwell of crook
just isnt hte same without the gaunty!
Mr adrian carter of birmingham
totaly wrong get jon back now
Mr mark farrar of batley
everyone deserves a second chance. bring him back!!!
Mr Geoff Jones of Prescot
just not the same without Gaunty!!!
Mr stuart mullen of paignton
please stand up to the pc brigade free speach what freespeach i have lost my trust in this country for gods sake let gaunty return hes our frail hope that we have left stand up talksport and be brittish be counted.
Mr PETER SHAW of hove
talk sport are acting like nazis by not standing up for freedom of speech!
Talksport isn not the same without gaunty,in fact i hardly listen to it now.bring him back!
Mr Stuart Millichip of Tenbury Wells
Bring Gaunty back ASAP!!! The show just aint the same without the big man!!!
Mrs Maggie Singo of Hornsea
Bring the BIG BOY back
Mr Paul Willetts of Ross-on-Wye
Bring back Gaunty before someone else gets him. I havent listened to TS since and the radio is now tuned into five dead (although the volume is down) SEE SOME SENSE AND EAT SOME HUMBLE PIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr stuart marum of hemel hempstead
its a discrase that yet again some one has been sacked in a country where people fought for the wright for free speach but it is now a FACT that we can say what we like as long as we watch what we say that dose nt sound like a country of free speach to me who ever it was who took the action to sack gaunty is a joke
Mr Dean Middleton of Sible Hedingham
Bring the big boy back. He is the only only who tells it like it is. Ian Collins is not bad but not the master.
Mr fred moss of lancing
Mrs debby marriott of hemel hempstead
yet again someone who speaks their mind has been taken off the airways. why is it no one can say what they realy think without having to worry what others may think. everyone should be able to have an opinion and voice it. i think big boy speaks for the silent majority BRING HIM BACK NOW !!
Mr peter walker of orpington
Mr Keith Whitham of Kings Langley
I thought Talksport were different but it would appear not. I will not listen until he is reinstated
Mr Mick Felce of Stanwick
Mrs jean swinburne of chichester
talksport surely must realize that listeners will not switch till he,s off air.
Mr Paul Gray of Carshalton
Mr Paul Duke of Dagenham
John Gaunt uses freedom of speech to make a point, he does get the odd thing wrong but is first to admit when has has done so, He has done nothing wrong and should be reinstated post- haste
Miss Andrea Llerena of Leeds
I want Gaunty back on the air.
Mr Lars Rosenberg of Leeds
Gaunty is our leader and in the name of free speech should get his air time back!
Mr Francis Livesey of Warminster
He should get his own radio station!
Mr phillip gregory of liverpool
Ian Wright called a premiership referee a little hitler yet nothing was done (I dont think anything should be done..I am just highlighting this to prove how harshly Jon has been treted)
Mr Stuart Ramsay of Dundee
I find it amazing he can be sacked for saying what many of his listeners were thinking including myself. As as I am concerned the only reason he was sacked is the fact that the Johnathon Ross, Russel Brand and Andrew Sachs incident was such a big issue and UTV bottled it and took the easy option. Talksport has lost one listener unless Gaunty is brought back.
Ms Jan Mac of Hudds
You either luv him or hate him, I do both....but miss his show, dont listen to talksport anymore, rubbish now.
Mr paul edwards of london
Talksport is'nt the same now gaunty is'nt on!!!Please bring jon back and make 2009 a great year!
Mr Gordon Grant of Nuneaton
One of the best presenters to ever be on TalkSport. He wasn't wrong with his comments, frustrated maybe at the stupidity of Mr.Stark. Bring him back now or see your listener numbers drop.
Mr john hodges of loudwater
Mr ian edwards of worksop
bring bk the man
Mr garry cameron of coventry
as a guy who lives in coventry and visited the studios at talksport on a invite from jon gaunt i would like to say that although i do not agree with most of tghe time he is still a great man and an asset to talksport. I cannot believe tghat someone like Moz Dee who comes from coventry should do a thing like this to Jon. He should hang his head in shame and not show his face in cov again until he sees sense.
Mr michael hill of london
very honest and truthful presenter i dont listen to talk sport hardly at all since john has gone he did a great job voicing the opinions of listeners to the political correct lobby thanks john happy new year
Mr Daniel Davis of Derby
Sacked for telling the truth, pathetic
Ms Mike Kirman of Hornsea
What a sneeky way to get someone off the pay roll
Mr kevin martin of Exeter
Cannot believe Talk Sport shot themselves in both feet, i for one and many of my mates no longer listen to talk sport,Collins is ok, but be honest Gaunty was the best presenter on talk sport and he nearly always hit the nail on the head and talked for the majority of the British public i call us the silent majority, BRING BACK GAUNTY!!
Miss Zandra LaPoI of Pontefract
First James Whale then Jon Gaunt. Talk Sport you have lost your 2 best presenters. You have now lost my support. Enough said.
Mr mark naven of birmingham
Mrs sandra naven of birmingham
Mr peter cramer of manchester
i now turn over at 10am not the same without JON GAUNT time to bring him back NOW
Mr Bashkim Krasniqi of Lewisham
I have only been in this country for the past ten years. But I can honestly that England will never get another radio presenter that is as good as Mr Gaunty was. Please correct if I am wrong but when have you heard a readio presenter saying if you have kids dont forget to tell them that you love them and give them a big hug.Come next election my only job will to kick Mr Sark out of his office.
Mr David Benes of Glasgow
The guy is an inspiration.
Mr CJ Wilkins of Ottery St Mary
Bring back old motor mouth!
Ms Russell Hopkins of Tewkesbury
Mr MARTIN LEWIS of wolverhampton
go gaunty
Mrs elaine moore of wellingborough
if anyone should have been sacked it should be carl from plastow! galloways sucky friend.
Mrs Wendy Sears of Sevenoaks
Please bring back Gaunty - there is no one who speaks for the majority of people on your Station - Ian Collins is very nice but is so P.C correct he is boring, there are no longer any propert discussions with the public on TalkSport.
Mr carl hughes of hetton-le-hole
Bring back Gaunty! My mornings are not the same!
Mr david fox of woking
Mr yogesh Kholia of hinckley
we need people like jon who understands the everyday people instead of people who are in power live in there own cacoon world.WE NEED U GAUNTY.......
Mr Alf Zammit of Cardiff
We want John Gaunt back immediately. He's the only presenter who's not afraid of the truth & it's the truth that we want to hear on radio. Not some free loader who always sits on the fence.
Mr phil skillicorn of southampton
I think Talksport need to draw aline under what has happened to Jon Gaunt. Bring him back as he is the only person who can put back Great in Great Britian. I have listened to his views since he joined Talksport and he is the only DJ that wears his heart on his sleeve.
Mr richard Hayes of colchester
Miss Charlotte Haines of Billingham
Why do talksport keep galloway on the pay role when he calls everyone a nazi also new presenter on talksport covering jons spot is terrible like having radio 2 on dreadfull listen to lbc talk radio not good but better than whats on talksport bring back gaunty
Miss Staicia Henson of Birmingham
I was in care as a child, and was glad he stuck up for children in care. He appologised straight afterwards for getting to personaly emotional over the matter, but that's why we love him, he's a real human being. Not trying to be something he's not, and strong enough to say what he really thinks so that others feel they can too. But then I guess that's what The yes men can't handle
Mr David Bailey of scunthorpe
Just to say that I am in support Gaunty. I feel that Talk Sport is not as good anymore. I wonder if TS is going the same way as BBC 5 dead. The Jonathan Ross saga is far worse than that Gaunty`s.
Mr adrian england of morden
My wife and i miss you big boy,come back asap on the radio. Jon The railway man was a fantastic book thank you xx Adrian and Kathy England
Mr paul lovelock of sandhurst
Mr keith hetherington of North shields
TalkSport is a poorer station without jon. In a rediculous PC gone mad world he speakes out for the average sensible working class man and woman of Great Britian.If he goes to another raidio station he will take many thousands of loyal listeners with him, myself included
Mr mick driver of Dereham
Reinstate and back him, you PC cowards !
Mr Glyndwr Thomas of Cwmbran
keep up the good wook Jon
Mr Andrew Shingfield of Flitwick
The ONLY presenter to say what he means and not give a shit. I have tuned out and will not be tuning back in untill PC PC PC plot police sod off and bring back GAUNTY to talk sport
Mrs Paula Turner of Dereham
Bring back the best thing which has been on the radio in years Mr Jon Gaunt
Mr darren dennis of barnsley
as a white van man,who i think can call himself a (typical working class englishman) is that allowed ?as well as being the life blood of the country,it hasn`t been the same since gaunty left. i used to listen for three hours,agreeing,disagreeing,shaking my head and shouting at the little black box with a smile when gaunty wiped the floor with some pc do-gooder,or mp.. it used to make my day and 90% of the time i would agree with jon..him being a working class bloke from a working class up-bringing made him seem like he was speaking for us.. the silent,decent majority..and not the feral,the fe
Mr mark goulter of swanley
im just upset its come to this.the one voice we had taken off air. thanks ?
Mrs linda campbell of oldbury
Miss nicola dorman of kings lynn
Bring back the fun to my radio!
Mr Simon Taylor of Dewsbury
get gaunty back quick, talksport has gone downhill
Mr Mark Thorpe of West Yorkshire
Bring back Gaunty!
Mr John Davidson of Southend
Has he lied.... I dont think so !! maybe exagerated but that is no crime Reinstate Now!!
Mr steven tither of sale
we need someone like jon to stick up for the working class in this country , he tells it as it is, bring him back now.
Miss wouggeple wouggeple of La Lima
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Mr ian diamond of st helens
bring him back
Mr fergie robin of exmouth
get him back asap
Mr colin dunlop of lincoln
well talk sport you must be losing listiners if collins is off the air now ha ha Bring back the gaunt
Mr micheal lockley of wolverhampton
we what gaunt back on talksport
Mr Lee Brookes of Lichfield
Tallksquawk- bunch a lightweight loosers with no bottle- simple as
Mr Robert Egerton of Grimsby
I don't listen to TalkSport nearly as much now that JG has gone.
Mr Paul Green of st Albans
Just do the right thing,some people need a voice,
Mr Mark Crampton of Bolton
Loved Talksport with Gaunty at 10.00 - good luck to Porky and co but Gaunty just said things as he saw and was always right. Would love to put the radio on and hear him again. PS Gaunty for PM!
Mr Gordon Hood of READING
We need people like jon,to stand up for the decent honest hard working taxpayers.
Mr Robert Andre of Blandford
Scott Taunton is a weak and spineless leader. If my employees let me down the way he has let Gaunty down I would be astounded. Scott Taunton is not fit to run this station as he is eager to sack his greatest presenters without proper justification. Talk Sport have made a massive mistake in letting Gaunty go. After the situation with Jonathan Ross who is now back in his usual position on the BBC, how can Gaunty be sacked for something not even nearly as bad. Scott Taunton & Mozz Dee should hang their heads in shame. Leave the station you couple of numpty's and let somebody who know's what they
Mr kevin fannan of consett
Mr mick adams of leicester
the radio is nothing without gaunty talksport wont listen to there liseners and that will be there downfall replaceing jon with a football phone in and thats the beat they can done twits with a a no. twats sorry jon
Mr Anthony Willis of Walsall
John, forget TalkSquawk, move on to bigger and better....hurry up though!
Mr Brian Newstead of IPSWICH
James Whale and Jon Gaunt back soon please
Miss karen turner of wolverhampton
Mr Christopher Marum of Hemel Hempstead
For god sake just do the right thing and bring back Gaunty now. Anyone who speaks the way the majority think always tend to dissappear from the radio. You cant always turn your back on the way the majority are thinking in this country.
Miss Roudditte Roudditte of Bridgetown
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Mr Keith Barallon of Dawlish
This is not what your listeners want...listen to us otherwise we won't listen to you.
Mr martin sheppard of welwtn garden city
get him back
Mrs Lisa Archer of Arlesey
Blimey, if everyone was to get sacked for upsetting a small minority, the figures for the unemployed would triple. Freedom of speach!
Mr dave parker of bolton
What Gaunty said was correct
Mr Alistair Dickson of Livingston
Mr Danny North of Cheshunt
Another infringement of our right to free speech.
Miss Debra-Jayne Caldwell of Glastonbury
Gaunty we want you back, you're the only presenter that actualy speaks any sense in this mad world. XX.
Miss Joan Evans of Manchester
Mrs Joan Wallace of Wolverhampton
The morning show as not been the same since John as gone,they other 2 seem to have more discussions about football and Mike Parry is very opinionated I switch off more than I listen to the programme now
Mrs glennis leech of poynton
please bring back gaunty asap all that is going on in the uk and there is no one to discuss the problems Ian Collins could not do it and Mike & Andy can't do it the only person who can is GAUNTY BRING HIM BACK A S A P
Mr stephen mcphail of bathgate
would be interested to see the listening figures since gaunty collins stick to night time and andy and mick c'mon.......bring back the gaunty
Mr dan seers of kidderminster
the big boy spoke for the people, he gave us a voice, a voice that has now been silenced!
Mrs Caroline Wilson of Kilmarnock
Mr terry wilson of Basildon
Bring Back Gaunty
Mr ian currie of Northampton
Mr james mcmail of Glasgow
Get gaunty back you must be losing listeners by the dozen in the mornings
Mr william justice of sheffield
get gaunty back dont bow down to the idiotic pc brigade mike dicken ddn,t
Mrs sandra crawford of brackley
He only said what everyone else was thinking
Mr scott lawrence of forres
bring back gaunty, untill then i wont listen to talk sport
Mr david bunce of basildon
radio is missing the best presenter in the world bring back jon gaunt
Mr stanley eddison of edinburgh
bring back jon i cannot listen to talk sport now after what they done i would rather listen to five dead that government backed left wing pap
Mr roger jewell of plymouth
and i thought this was a free country for free speech pc brigade gone mad,remember the right to free speach was enshrined in the magna carta
Mr ade streeton of gloucester
PC gone mad, to offend is not a crime.
Mr stephen starr of spalding
now jon has gone i do not listern to talk sport anymore.
the radio station was wrong no doubt about it.
Mr Steven Whiffin of Bedford
Jon talks for the whole country
Mr Nigel hammond of Carnforth
Firstly, I am writing this on behalf of myself and ALL of my collegues. I truly believe, If there was a vote on who is [was] the most entertaining presenter TALKSPORT has ever had on air, Gaunty would win hands down, and TALKSPORTS loss will be another radio stations gain. Gaunty is the breed of man this country needs right now to put the "GREAT" back in "BRITAIN".
Mr david canavan of epping
the public need this man to talk for them give us our voice back.
Mrs `pam staffell of richmond
Please instate Jon. He is greatly missed.
Mr Richard Harvey of Worcester
Get him back!!
Miss Julie Coles of Paignton
No reason to listen to Talksport anymore. Bring back Gaunty or get him on another station.
Mr Ryan Konkolewski of Shotton
Sacked for free speech?
Mr Andrew Ellis of Exeter
Mrs anne simmonds of spalding
Bring this man Back ,I listened to the interview and I have worked for social services and with foster parents!THE man representing children in care was totally wrong;Who is he to say who and who cant foster and deny any child care in a family!Families come in all shapes and sizes ,fat,thin ,gays black white smokers ,diabetics,one parent carers,how does he think children deal with seeing gays sleeping together,why dosent he stop them fostering in case it messes with the childs brain!no he wont do that will he,pick on a smoker,even though they only smoke outside!!Has he not heard that cigarette
Mr John Porter of St Neots
Mr Brian Hutton of Dundee
Come back Gaunty! You're the best thing since the late great Mike Dicken (no offence to Ian Collins)!
michael hughes of burntwood
Bring back Gaunty
Steve Arney of Clevedon
Get him back now there is no substitute for a Gaunty rant !!!
Martin Milne of Aberdeen
Bring back Gaunty,mornings are not the same.He's the only one who really speaks for the masses,without worrying about the consequences. Good luck
Barry Stockwell of Andover
I no longer listen to Talksport. I would love to come back, but it will only be if Jon Gaunt returns!!
Bob Johnston of London
Derek Anderson of Milton Keynes
Sheila Cox of Orpington
Miss him at 10am, don`t listen to TS anymore
Robin McMillan of Ombersley
Jon Gaunt says what the majority of poeple in the UK think. His morning show was entertaining and enlightening. BBC 5 Live's presenters are dull and condescending and their talk shows are simply boring. I can't say I enjoy listening to Parry and whoever as all they talk about is football. YES bring back Gaunty for the good of the nation.
wayne sara of truro
Peter Harvey of Ipswich
John tackles issues that the politicians shy away from. he speaks for all ordinary british people. Give him a job where he can do some good.
Tyrone Baird of leeds
I and all my friends are so down about the fact we cant listen to jon gaunt on talk sport anymore, we have tried listening to the other chap but he simply hasnt got what it takes to be a dynamic presenter as gaunty surely is, unfortunatley I and my mates are back listening to cds in the vehicles we drive at work, pls pls talk sport bring back gaunty he made mornings worth getting up for. Cheers Ty and the lads from leeds!!
Mr Brian Dowling of Newton Le Willows
The sacking proves that the idiot management of talk sport are afraid of the PC brigade. Gaunty only says what the rest of us are thinking. He is a true credit to this country. I havent seen them but Im sure talk sports 10am-1pm ratings have now slipped at an alarming rate! Unfortunately its now 5 Dead for me!
Mr paul bowland of doncaster
the station is going right down the pan,gaunty gone and idiots like irani on breakfast im surprised more people arnt reaching for their dial.
Mr Jamie McNamee of Hyde
this is an outrage Jon Gaunt is an entetainer and a matter of fact the thhing he got sacked for is what we were all thinking and mid moring radio/afternoon radio isnt the same without him Bring him back
Ms Jackie Vincent of Steeple Claydon
Miss carisse poole of rochdale
i will not listen to talk sport now hes been taken off the air its not the same no more x
Mr Dan Gardner of Carlisle
Mrs carol bromley of spain
I loved him on 3 counties Radio and thought then this man should be our next PM.Speaks for the people
Mrs clare ellis of portsmouth
Talk sport is not the same without gaunty wot happened to free speach in OUR country ! ridiculous
Ms John Harrison of London
Bring back Gaunty. He can hold your attention. He also is good at lively debate. I still listen to the morning slot but not as much as before,surfing between smooth fm and bbd etc. Never did this with Gaunty
Mr christopher callow of derby
get gaunty back on talksport you know it make sense top broadcaster
Mrs Virginia Newton of rochdale
Bring back John ,Common sense and straight talking !
Mr Christopher Newton of rochdale
Talk Sport bring back Gaunty , we need someone to voice the opinion of the normal, honest , hard working and good
Ms paul kilbride of aldershot
bring back the man
Mr Justin Homewood of Raynes Park
Bring Back Gaunty!!!
Mr Gary Saxby of wimbledon
Mrs karen bryan of colchester
this is the talk show host who got me listening to talk sport
Mrs pam johnson of grays
bring gaunty back, we always listened to talk sport, but not since gaunty,s gone, its not the same, come back gaunty,we miss you.
Other Emilio Tundidor of Cosgrove
My mornings just aren't the same anymore. England needs gritty talk shows like Jon's used to be
Mr Tom Mortimer of Nottingham
Mr Michael Cadman of Llanidloes
I didn't agree with every thing Jon said but he brought subjects to the radio station that other reporters would not. The morning radio is not the same.
Mr jim heap of thornton cleveleys
The only man wih any bottle who tells it as it is, we want you back.
Mr shayne dorrian of yeovil
Mr dexter dolman of bristol
It's simple i miss gaunty
Mr martin wright of ripley
Gutted,talksport has never been the same since , martin
Mr graham hicks of newport
best ever presenter havent listened to talksport since he was sacked.reinstate him; he was your top talk jock;and is greatly missed;by many of your listeners.
Mrs ann evans of worthing
anybody that speaks the truth is punished what a society
roger muddiman of northampton
what a shame
Mike Daley of Southam
I have served my countrsy as a policeman, a slodier in various conflicts, and within the health service. This man speaks for the vast majority. Freedom of speech is what generations have paid a very high price for.
yvonne pocock of blackpool
hope to hear you on the radio again soon.i think jonwas very good and miss him.get him back please
Robert Hamilton of Stonehaven
What happened to freedom of speach????????????????????????
Thomas Hurley of Burry Port
kenny mcewan of motherwell
get him back listend to talk sport since it started what happened to freedom of speech

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